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Sugarbag Bees

Stingless bees latest weapon in arsenal to protect Aussie crops

Researchers are boosting their understanding of native stingless bees as pollinators in a $10M effort to help safeguard Australia’s fruit, nut, vegetable and cut flower supply into the future.

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Pregnancy doesn’t ‘cure’ endometriosis, so where does this advice come from?

Many Australian women with endometriosis are reporting they’re being advised a reliable treatment or even possible cure for their endometriosis is to “go away and have a baby”.

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Royal commission report makes preventing institutional sexual abuse a national responsibility

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse today presented a socially and historically contextualised understanding of child sexual abuse.

Professor Craig Gonsalvez

Teaching excellence recognised with prestigious national award

Professor Craig Gonsalvez’s outstanding contribution to the teaching and supervision of clinical psychology has been recognised with a prestigious national Award for Teaching Excellence.

sj Miller

Expert: Addressing gender issues in schools starts with giving students the right to disagree

Western Sydney University is bringing to Australia an internationally renowned expert in gender identity, to speak to academics and pre-service teachers about ways that schools can implement sensitive, inclusive approaches to gender.

Christmas Dinner

Science explains the colour of your Christmas

When we think of Christmas, what colour comes to mind? For most people, that colour is probably red. Even Santa himself is red. It’s a colour reminiscent of family, good food, Santa and his gifts and festive holidays.


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