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Empty seats in stadium

Why the empty seats? Study to investigate fan experiences in stadiums

Sporting fans are invited to participate in the Western Sydney University study, to share their own experiences in relation to buying tickets and travelling to the major venues.

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I’ve always wondered: Why don’t hippos get cholera?

Why don’t hippopotamuses get cholera? Why are some animals resistant to waterborne disease? – Phil Morey The short answer is that cholera has evolved to infect humans, not hippos.

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Health Check: does drinking alcohol kill the germs it comes into contact with?

Alcohol is a well-known disinfectant and some have speculated it may be useful for treating gut infections. Could alcohol be a useful agent to treat tummy bugs and throat infections?

Chris Knapp

Western Sydney University appoints new Chair of Architecture

Western Sydney University has appointed internationally-recognised researcher, educator and practitioner, Professor Chris Knapp, as the inaugural Chair of Architecture within the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics.

Macarthur Clinical School

Rare diseases under the microscope at Macarthur Symposium

International experts in the fields of immunology will assemble for the Macarthur Rare Disease Symposium. Co-hosted by Western Sydney University, the Macarthur Clinical School, Campbelltown Hospital and The Australasian Mastocytosis Society (TAMS).

Smartphone apps reduce depression

New Australian-led research has confirmed that smartphone apps are an effective treatment option for depression, paving the way for safe and accessible interventions for the millions of people around the world diagnosed with this condition.


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