The Gut Doctor: Bringing all of our icky issues out of the bathroom and into the limelight

Vincent Ho

A Western Sydney University academic and gastroenterologist is becoming widely renowned as one of the nation’s leading experts in gut health.

Dr Vincent Ho, from the University’s School of Medicine, is the author of a new book ‘The Healthy Baby Gut Guide: Prevent allergies, build immunity and develop good gut health from day one’.(opens in a new window)

He has also launched in a new window) – a new website which aims to make all of the ‘not so glamorous’ issues to do with gut health and the digestive system easy to understand and accessible.

“My mission as “The Gut Doctor” is to put my decades of medical experience and research to use, in educating the broader community,” said Dr Ho.

“The gut is not always the easiest of subjects to talk about – nor the most glamorous. But it’s my hope that, with increased understanding, people will be more comfortable having conversations about their gut health, and the topic will be become not so taboo.”

‘The Gut Doctor’ has recently entered the social media realm – where he is using YouTube(opens in a new window) to share 3D animations and videos that explain the complex inner-workings of the gut.

He is also a frequent media commentator on these ‘taboo topics’ that people usually prefer to keep behind the closed doors of their private bathrooms.

Dr Ho is one of Western Sydney University’s most prolific and widely read authors for The Conversation – with his 38 articles on topics such as constipation,(opens in a new window) diarrhoea,(opens in a new window) burping,(opens in a new window) toileting(opens in a new window) and the contents of poo,(opens in a new window) amassing more than 5.6 million reads.

“These are issues that affect everybody, and we all have an intrinsic interest in – but we just don’t like talking about,” said Dr Ho.

“But if we did talk about these things more, our bodies would be better for it.”

Dr Ho completed his medical studies at the University of New South Wales, and completed a summer research scholarship at the Children’s Cancer Research Institute before completing a PhD on the biological markers of rectal cancer.

At Western Sydney University he is a senior lecturer within the School of Medicine. He is also a practicing gastroenterologist, and the Head of the GI Motility Research program which is undertaking both basic science and clinical research on challenging gut disorders.

To find out more about Dr Vincent Ho’s work, visit in a new window)


22 September 2020

Danielle Roddick, Senior Media Officer