Make a change for the better this Men’s Health Week

This Men’s Health Week, to be held 12-18 June, men and boys are encouraged to identify small changes they can make to build healthy habits that benefit their health and wellbeing.

Coordinated by Western Sydney University’s Centre for Male Health, the annual initiative will see thousands of community members across the nation host or attend events in support of the theme, ‘Healthy Habits’.

This year’s theme aims to support men and boys to create physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy environments in the home, workplace and in social settings.

Associate Professor Emma George, Director of the Centre for Male Health, said the ongoing importance of supportive environments can play an important role in shaping habits and health behaviours.

“This Men’s Health Week we are calling on men and boys to make a change in their lives and improve their health and wellbeing by building sustainable, healthy habits,” said Associate Professor George.

“This could be taking the time for regular health checks, increasing exercise and improving diet, joining a new social group, or simply checking in with a mate for a chat.”

Men’s Health Week will be launched by the Centre for Male Health at CommBank Stadium in Parramatta on Tuesday, 13 June, with special guests Cam Merchant from Gotcha4Life and a range of representatives working to support men’s health in the community.

A number of important themes – ‘check-up’, ‘check in’, ‘healthy lifestyles’ and ‘get involved’ – will be explored at the event and across the week.

Dr Neil Hall, also from the Centre for Male Health, highlighted that we can all play a role in increasing awareness for men and boys' health.

“As a community, we all need to work together to support the men in our lives and to improve male health outcomes more broadly,” said Dr Hall.

“Creating ‘healthy habits’ speaks to men making simple, daily changes that will have a great impact and there is no better time to start making a change than during Men’s Health Week.”

The Centre for Male Health within Western Sydney University brings together researchers from a diverse range of disciplines to improve the health and well-being of men and boys. It works with community and government organisations across Australia to develop networks and partnerships in support of men’s health.

In addition to changes men can make as individuals, workplaces and community groups are also encouraged to host an event or activity that supports or promotes men’s health.

There are so many great initiatives already taking place in local communities – from group exercise programs, workplace information sessions, or barbeques that bring communities together – these events can help to foster a sense of belonging and support men to build healthy habits into their routines.

For more information about Men’s Health Week, or to access digital resources, register an event, or get involved in an event or activity near you, please visit the Men’s Health Week website (opens in a new window).


6 June 2023

Ali Sardyga, Senior Media Officer

Photo credit: Sally Tsoutas