Humanitarian student’s career started with a phone call

Yulita Bassilious

For Western Sydney University student and Student Services Hub team member, Yulita Bassilious, her education journey has been one of finding her niche.

After enjoying the Human Rights section of her HSC subject, Legal Studies, Yulita initially pursued a degree at another university. After just a few weeks in the course, she could tell something was missing.

Despite family and friends encouraging Yulita to ‘wait it out’, she started searching online in pursuit of finding her dream course.

After searching the Western Sydney University website, she found what she thought could be a great match, a Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies with a double major in Human Rights, Protection and Development and Humanitarian Preparedness and Response.

Reflecting on the pivotal moment, Yulita said she can recall her next steps exactly.

“I called the number on the website to have a chat with someone about the course and by the time the phone call ended, I was applying,” said Yulita.

“Now I’m in my final year, I am so glad I made that decision. The course is specific to what I was looking for and it was the only degree of its kind in Australia.”

The option to start the course mid-year allowed Yulita to dive right in, starting as soon as she could.

“I was nervous about starting in the middle of the year, but I am glad I took the chance instead of waiting until March the following year.”

“Starting University or changing degrees can be daunting, whether you are starting right from high school or as a non-current school leaver, change is scary. However, the support I have received from the University made a tangible difference during the transition.”

Nearing completion of her degree, Yulita has her sights set on working in women’s health education in developing countries, after being inspired by a recent guest lecturer.

“I can also see myself completing postgraduate studies in Development after working for some time,” she said.

“Studying has challenged me to dive into conversations and topics that I might find a bit out of my comfort zone, but that is the beauty of learning. The degree and overall experience at the University has impacted me on both an academic, professional and personal level.”

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1 June 2023

Lauren Austin, Senior Media Officer

Photo credit: Sally Tsoutas