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Baby 2

Why ‘baby talk’ is good for your baby

Evidence shows baby talk plays an important role in development and babies prefer it to other types of speech.

Paralympics 2

‘Grotesque spectacle’? Rio has a long way to go to become more accessible

It was quite a reality check. With one phrase, Portuguese journalist Joaquim Vieira created a major controversy with his denigration of the Paralympic Games.

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Let’s measure the value of Australia’s medal success. No, not at the Olympics

What about a 17-medal haul from a well-honed, tightly focused team of 17? That is precisely the result the Australian team secured at the 2016 international science Olympiads in physics, biology, chemistry and earth sciences.

Aboriginal 1

Why old theories on Indigenous counting just won’t go away

My Australian-educated friends tell me they were taught at school that all Aboriginal people only counted one, two, three, four and many. There is evidence of complex Aboriginal number systems extending to high numbers.

Data centre 2

Where’s your data? It’s not actually in the cloud, it’s sitting in a data centre

Without data centres, today’s world stops. Flights are grounded, Wall Street closes, and the internet grinds to a halt.

Convo 1

Is that porn your child is watching online? How do you know?

Adult sexual content and culture has woven itself seamlessly into the fabric of the internet. Some of it is subtle, and some not so subtle, but there is now a wealth of dedicated porn websites available and plenty of demand to view the content.

John Barnes

Eddie Betts and racism in sport: it’s not enough to just not join in

Sport can be a driver for change; it can make a difference in people’s lives and unify communities, particularly around national successes. But it can also create tensions and cause conflict.

Olympics 1

Why Rio, like Sydney and London before it, won’t turn locals into sports stars

Since the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games there's been increasing pressure on host cities to benefit the local community, but only now are plans being put in place.

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