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Woman in pain

Sex and women’s diseases: it’s common and important to include men’s perspectives

Women suffering from endometriosis, a disease that causes chronic pelvic pain, have criticised a student for choosing to conduct research on the sexual impact of the disease on women’s partners.

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Anti-siphoning changes a blow to sports fans

The proposed anti-siphoning changes shift the economic balance from free-to-air towards pay-TV, as well as from government intervention in the sport TV market to more open market play.

World Heritage-listed river

How our research is helping clean up coal-mining pollution in a World Heritage-listed river

The Wollangambe River in New South Wales is a gift of nature, flowing through the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains. So it was with a sense of irony that bushwalkers noticed unnatural flow and discolouration in the river.

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Sydneysiders blame foreign investors for high housing prices – survey

Sydneysiders are concerned that foreign investors, and particularly Chinese real estate investors, are pushing up housing prices, according to survey findings published this month.

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Curious Kids: Why do adults think video games are bad?

Parents and children have different ideas when it comes to video games. The aim should be for kids to spend some time on their screens, but also enjoy other kinds of interests with family and friends.

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Investors are exploiting returns on debt financing to muscle out home buyers

Investors have played an increasingly important role in the Australian housing market. Our research shows the return rate for housing investors almost doubled a layman’s expectation.

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China’s new anti-corruption body raises worrying questions about the rule of law

Corruption is thought to cost China US$86 billion each year. Widespread corruption at all levels of Chinese society also worsens economic inequality, which could potentially lead to social unrest.

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Is this the budget that forgot renters?

The measures in the 2017-18 federal budget targeting the supply of lower-cost rental housing are limited. For the majority of Australia’s renters, housing will remain unaffordable, insecure and out of reach.

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