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Virtual child pornography could both help and hinder law enforcement

What are the implications of technological advances on law enforcement agencies combating child abuse material?

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Hypocrisy reigns on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate

The same-sex marriage debate, like all public debates, is messy. However, more than most, it has become a proxy for something else. It has become a culture war, ugly and unproductive.

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The world protests as Amazon forests are opened to mining

There is no doubt Brazil needs to find ways out of recession and unemployment. But is opening more of the Amazon to mining exploration the answer?

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Healing Colombia’s war-ravaged landscapes

Humans weren’t the only victims of Colombia’s five-decade armed conflict. In Caribbean Colombia, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, nature was also deeply affected.

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You can tell if someone is attracted to you by their voice

We’ve heard of the physical effects on our body when we are talking to someone we are attracted to, but you can also gauge the level of someone’s attraction by their voice.

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Curious Kids: Where does my poo go when I flush the toilet? Does it go into the ocean?

When you press the flush button, your wee, poo, toilet paper and water go down a pipe called a sewer. The toilet flushes the wastes down the sewer pipe. The sewer pipe from your house also collects and removes other wastes.

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Official prayers in federal parliament are divisive and unconstitutional, and should be scrapped

Each sitting day in federal parliament begins with the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate leading prayers. But sectarian official prayers are inconsistent with the religious diversity of the Australian community MPs are elected to represent.

25 year anniversary

Celebrating the past and embracing the future in construction management

Western Sydney University has marked the 25 year anniversary of its Construction Management program, with a celebratory event at the Parramatta City campus.

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