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Australia might water down illegal logging laws – here’s why it’s a bad idea

Illegal logging is an immensely profitable global activity, linked to corruption, human rights abuses, criminal networks, and environmental destruction.

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Friday essay: the female dwarf, disability, and beauty

"There is no exquisite beauty … without some strangeness in the proportion." Edgar Allen Poe’s words have a particular irony for me. I am a woman with achondroplasia dwarfism, or what is commonly referred to as “disproportionate dwarfism”.

Parramatta campus student

Higher education reforms are all about savings and not possibilities

A Senate impasse and yet another round of higher education reforms are floundering. Only they aren't. Reforms that is. Australia hasn't seen anything remotely approaching meaningful higher education reform in nearly a decade.

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I’ve always wondered: What’s behind the belly button?

When a baby is born, the lifeline between the mother and child (the umbilical cord) is cut, and the shrivelled remains become the belly button on the outside. What happens inside?

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Teaching kids about maths using money can set them up for financial security

One of the most common complaints children have about learning maths is its lack of relevance to their lives outside school.

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Drop, bears: chronic stress and habitat loss are flooring koalas

Koalas are under a lot of stress. Heatwaves, land clearing and even noise pollution are all taking a toll.

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Autism and the arts: Making a space for different minds

At times confronting, at times funny, Leong’s graphic description of the assault of odours while travelling by bus forms a series of video monologues about her sensitivities to smells, sounds, light, colour, tastes and movement.

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Gift cards often end up in the bin, but extending their life might not help

The New South Wales Parliament is introducing legislation, creating a three year minimum expiry date on gift cards. This reform will go some ways towards solving the problem of unredeemed gift cards.

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