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The way your children watch YouTube is not that surprising – but it is a concern. Here are some tips

Young children have rapidly become prolific users of the internet, including watching online videos. While many of the videos are suitable, others use unscrupulous gimmicky methods to profit from a young and impressionable audience.

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Improving education inclusion for disabled people in Indonesia

An Indonesia-Australia collaboration has looked into whether Indonesian schools, including Islamic institutions, open their doors to disabled people.

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The new ticketing technology that may make scalping a thing of the past

As new anti-scalping laws are introduced in Victoria, our research suggests that frustrations with current ticketing systems may be a contributing factor to the continued success of scalpers. But new technologies are on the horizon that will help.

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How Filipino artists are responding to President Duterte and the ‘War on Drugs’

Along one long wall on the side of Manila’s Baclaran church, visual artist Emil Yap has been working for two years on a mural that depicts the cosmology and history of the Philippines.

Western Sydney Traffic

A message from the west: Dear Sydney, we're heading for a messy break-up

We're tired. Two hundred thousand western Sydney residents are compelled to journey eastward into Sydney every weekday for work; decent paying, globally connected and fulfilling work. We're over it.

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New Zealand experience shows same-sex marriage could provide huge economic boost for Australia

Even though it’s still uncertain as to when Australian same-sex couples will be able legally to wed, New Zealand’s example shows how much this could be worth to our economy.

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NAPLAN only tells part of the story of student achievement

The National Assessment Program – Literacy And Numeracy (NAPLAN) had its 10th birthday this year, but few well-wishers came to the party.

How Sydney voted

After postal vote, we will never think of western Sydney the same way again

Who will defend the rights of pastry chefs who "conscientiously object" to baking a cake for a gay wedding? With the results in, some parliamentarians will no doubt choose to contend with that very question.

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