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Rewilding workshops and paleo diets: Why we're chasing a primitivist ideal

"Primitivism" is all around us, glamorised on Instagram and shaping the food we eat, the way we exercise and how we engage with the world. Researcher Ben Etherington explains the difference between hardcore primitivism and a fondness for natural, earthy living.

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Evidence from the banking royal commission looks like history repeating itself

Do banks learn from the past? From watching the questioning of elderly disability pensioner Carolyn Flanagan at the Financial Services Royal Commission, it seems not.

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Bunya pines are ancient, delicious and possibly deadly

The Bunya pine is a unique and majestic Australian tree with so many bizarre and colourful stories about it– the more you learn, the more you find it fascinating.

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NAPLAN writing tests hinder creativity, so what could we use in their place?

While standardised testing might be relevant for some fields of study, NAPLAN promotes a narrow view of literacy and writing and hinders the creative process.

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Acupuncture during IVF doesn’t increase chances of having a baby

Acupuncture has become a frequently used treatment prior to and during in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

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Pushing casual sport to the margins threatens cities’ social cohesion

Park soccer, social cricket and street basketball bring the public spaces of our cities to life.

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Pregnant women are at increased risk of domestic violence in all cultural groups

Domestic violence occurs across all age groups and life stages. Rather than reducing during pregnancy, expecting a child is a key risk factor for domestic violence beginning or escalating.

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Mind-bending drugs and devices: can they make us smarter?

Demand for drugs and devices that can enhance brain functions such as memory, creativity, attention and intelligence, is on the rise. But could the long-term side-effects outweigh the benefits of being “smarter”?

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