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Platform co-ops offer urban communities a bigger say in their lives

Digital platform companies regulate our likes, updates, schedules, locations, photos, jobs and trips. In the “world of the platform”, the power and control of these proprietary systems commodify our habits, attitudes and movements.

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How people can best make the transition to cool future cities

It is difficult to remember when we are in the midst of winter, but keeping cool in summer is a big issue for some communities. And the problem is likely to get worse as our summer heatwaves grow longer and hotter.

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Can property survive the great climate transition?

As we become an increasingly urban species, urban resilience is emerging as a big deal. The idea is generating a lot of noise about how to develop or retrofit cities that can deal with the many challenges before us, or consume less energy in the transition to post-carbon economies.

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Three reasons the government promotes home ownership for older Australians

Government strategies to manage population ageing largely assume that older Australians are home owners. Older Australians who own homes are seen as having made the right choices and as being less of a budget burden.

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As the world embraces space, the 50 year old Outer Space Treaty needs adaptation

The Outer Space Treaty (OST) is the framework multilateral treaty that establishes the principal rules regulating the exploration and use of outer space. Established in 1967, it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

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How to tell when the housing market is slowing

Looking at data, there is no evidence to support the notion that house prices have peaked or are on the cusp of a downward trend. House prices in Australian capital cities rose slightly in June after falling in May.

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What’s the economic value of the Great Barrier Reef? It’s priceless

Deloitte Access Economics has valued the Great Barrier Reef with an economic contribution of A$6.4 billion per year. Yet this figure grossly underestimates the value of the reef.

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How to help kids navigate fake news and misinformation online

Young people get a huge amount of their news from social media feeds, where false, exaggerated or sponsored content is often prevalent. With the right tools, caregivers can give kids the knowledge they need to assess credible information for themselves.

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