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Opinion: Recession will hit job-poor parts of Western Sydney very hard

After 2016 – but before COVID-19, it should be said – Western Sydney experienced a mini jobs boom. Growth came from the region’s extraordinary surge in population, driven by record levels of immigration.

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Opinion: Australasia will host the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup: What’s not to like?

Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand have won the right to host the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. What are the pros and cons of the verdict?

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Opinion: Jobs deficit drives army of daily commuters out of Western Sydney

Western Sydney has a jobs problem. No other big regional economy in Australia fails in providing jobs for its residents more than this one. At the last census the Western Sydney jobs deficit – local jobs minus local workers – was 222,000.

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Opinion: Separating mothers with COVID-19 from their newborns does more harm than good

In several countries pregnant women confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19 are being required to have caesarean sections or be separated from their newborn babies to restrict COVID-19 transmission.

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Opinion: World Cup 2023 will be a massive boost for women’s sport – but does it make financial sense?

In the early hours of the morning, we learned Australia and New Zealand won their historic joint bid to host the FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup

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Expert: To lower the rates of death in custody, reduce the impact of incarceration on children

A Western Sydney University expert has highlighted the “significant, negative long-term impacts” on young children and infants, when their mothers interact with the justice system, including if they are imprisoned.

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Opinion: Jenny Hocking: why my battle for access to the ‘Palace letters’ should matter to all Australians

In August 1975, Governor-General Sir John Kerr proudly described himself as “the Queen’s only personal representative in Australia with direct access to her”.

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Opinion: There is no easy path out of coronavirus for live classical music

Organisations specialising in live performance face an existential crisis under current restrictions on social gatherings, with up to 75% of people employed in the creative and performing arts expected to lose work.

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