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Opinion: ‘It’s not work-life balance, it’s work-work balance’ Politicians tell us what it’s like to be an MP

We are currently watching candidates battle night and day to win a spot in federal parliament. Many put their lives on hold trying to become an MP.

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Opinion: Listen to the Albert’s lyrebird: the best performer you’ve never heard of

Mention the superb lyrebird, and you’ll probably hear comments on their uncanny mimicry of human sounds, their presence on the 10 cent coin, and their stunning tail. Far less known – but equally, if not more, impressive – is the Albert’s lyrebird.

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Opinion: ‘I always have trouble with forms’: homeless people on how poor literacy affects them – and what would help

Homelessness remains a huge problem in Australia and an important contributing factor is low literacy levels.

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Opinion: Preselection and parachuting candidates: 3 reasons parties override their local branch members, despite the costs

Why are major political parties repeatedly willing to override the mandates of their local branch members? And what needs to change to increase diversity?

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Short-term fixes for Western Sydney in the budget says the region’s think tank

The Federal Budget favours quick-fixes ahead of long-term support for Western Sydney, according to regional think tank, the Centre for Western Sydney, based at Western Sydney University.

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Opinion: Ash Barty retires marching to her own beat. What’s next for the multi-talented, restless spirit?

Ash Barty has always done things her own way. The shock retirement of the world number one women’s tennis player at the age of 25 was pure Barty in action.

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Opinion: 7 ways to reduce perineal tearing during childbirth

While most expectant mothers are excited, many are also anxious about giving birth, especially first-time mothers. Perineal trauma is something many expectant mums are fearful about.

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Opinion: ‘Odd radio circles’ that baffled astronomers are likely explosions from distant galaxies

In 2019, my colleagues and I discovered spooky glowing rings in the sky using CSIRO’s ASKAP radio telescope in Western Australia. The rings were unlike anything seen before.

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