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Rhonda Hawkins

Pathway to success the yardstick for unis

As universities tread their first steps along a newly opened pathway of uncapped student numbers, it has never been more important for them to discover whether they are meeting the expectations of the communities they serve.

Tonia Gray

With the outdoors absent from the curriculum, students are at risk of a vitamin N deficiency

With the omission of outdoor education from Australia’s new National Curriculum, an expert from the University of Western Sydney warns that school students may miss out on much more than sports and physical exercise.


The Australian dingo: to be respected, at a distance

It’s the dry season in the Northern Territory, and for many people that means camping under a clear winter’s sky in the Top End. Yet rediscovering nature can be a fraught exercise.

Stephen Tomsen

Sydney's night-time economy: Putting the violence in context

The recent unprovoked killing of a young reveler, Thomas Kelly, by a male stranger in Sydney’s Kings Cross has set off extensive community and political debate.

Michael Singh

Partnerships with school systems must play a stronger role in university education degrees

The NSW government has raised serious questions about the quality of teachers being produced by our universities, criticising the lack of opportunities to practice in real classrooms.

Steven Freeland Thumbnail

Lubanga Dyilo conviction and sentencing to restore credibility to the ICC

The conviction and sentencing of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo will be significant to maintain – and possibly restore – the credibility of the world's only permanent international criminal tribunal.

Jorge Knijnik

Citius, Altius, Fortius: Olympic Education as an authentic learning experience

In a few weeks the world’s attention, and certainly the interest of most Australians will turn to the 2012 London Olympics – the paramount sports events on Earth.

Anthony Dillon

Indigenous intervention: We need action over mourning

Indigenous leaders have declared a day of mourning to show how much they oppose the continuation of an intervention to address the problems facing many Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

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