Expert opinion

Mridula Chakraborty

Hindi the tip of the subcontinental iceberg

Dr Mridula Chakraborty, UWS Writing and Society Research Centre, responds to the Federal Government's Asian Century White Paper.

Phil O'Neill

Address to Sydney Transport Forum

The Director of the UWS Urban Research Centre, Phillip O'Neill, discusses the transport issues facing Greater Western Sydney.

Professor Michael Adams

High Court dismisses appeal: Fortescue Metal and Twiggy Forrest cleared

Commercial law expert, Professor Michael Adams, from the University of Western Sydney’s School of Law says there are lessons to be learnt from the recent Fortescue Metals Group’s ruling to ensure the accuracy in the meaning of agreements and contracts.

Steven Freeland portrait

UN seat would reflect Australia’s emergence as a middle power, says expert

International law expert, Professor Steven Freeland, from the University of Western Sydney’s School of Law, says Australia’s growth as a middle power would be confirmed.


Plain packaging a win for young women

On August 15 2012, the High Court of Australia passed the world’s first Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011 (Cth) mandating that from December 1 2012, all tobacco products are to be sold in plain packaging.

Stephen Tomsen

Provocation law, homosexual advances and male honour: Will NSW finally act?

It is generally understood that murder is the most serious of all violent crimes and it necessitates a determined criminal justice response. All citizens share an interest in when, if and how any killing is seen to be wholly or partly excused by the law.

Building EA on the Parramatta campus

A tipping point for Australia’s universities

Whether it is a coming storm or a spotlight moment, Australian universities should not be led blindly into a deregulated market, writes Professor Janice Reid, University of Western Sydney Vice-Chancellor.

David Burchell

Asylum backflip ends false moral purity

The Federal Government’s decision to reinstate offshore processing for asylum seekers signals the end of Labor politics based on a false moral purity.

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