International Partnerships

Western Sydney University has international partnerships and formal agreements with more than 320 international institutions and organisations across 53 countries, forming a wide network of strategic relationships and collaborations to advance the University’s research, teaching and innovation.

International Partnership Agreements formalise arrangements in research, scholarship, transnational education, student mobility, training, capacity building, professional development, and clinical placements.  Information on the types of agreements predominantly used at Western Sydney University, please visit the International Agreement Types.

Join Western Sydney University in expanding our global impact, connecting students, researchers and communities of knowledge to address the world’s emerging needs.


In addition, the University has current agreements with a number of consortia that expand the University's International Partnership Network to approximately 100 countries. They include:


Recruitment Agents

For those seeking to become recruitment agents for Western Sydney University, please email:

Institutional partnerships

For information or queries relating to institutional partnerships, please contact the International Partnerships team at: