Bringing family

If you come to Australia as an overseas student on a student visa, you should be aware that you will be required to pay full fees for any of your school-aged dependants who accompany you and who are enrolled in either a government or non-government school in Australia.

Information about the enrolment and fees for temporary visa holders and dependants of overseas students may be obtained from:

NSW Department of Education and Training (opens in a new window)
International school (opens in a new window)For lodgement of applications and all correspondence post to:

Temporary Residents Program
NSW Department of Education and Training
Locked Bag 7004, Wollongong NSW 2520
Phone (61) 1300 300 229 (local call)

For information on enrolment and fees for full fee paying overseas students contact:

International Students Centre
NSW Department of Education and Training
Ground Floor, 827-839 George Street, Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: (61) 1300 300 229 (local call)

Further reading

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