Apply for academic credit

Advanced Standing (Academic Credit) is recognition of prior learning in terms of experience and/or prior studies.

If you wish to apply for Advanced Standing for your previous studies, you should

Submit your completed application form directly to

International Admissions Unit
Western Sydney International
Locked Bag 1797
Penrith South DC NSW 1797

Or to your agent

Applications for Advanced Standing lodged at least four weeks before day one of classes will receive a response by the first day of classes. Applications will continue to be accepted up until day one of classes but a response cannot be guaranteed before classes commence.

If you have applied for Advanced Standing the outcome of your application should be noted in your Admission Application Outcome letter. The duration of your studies will have been adjusted to reflect the reduced length of your study.

If your application for Advanced Standing is successful, you will receive a new Admission Application Outcome letter.

If you haven't applied for Advanced Standing but would like to do so, please apply as early as possible to enable sufficient time for assessment.

Credit Transfer Agreements

Western Sydney University has credit transfer agreements in place with a range of institutions in Australia and overseas.

Tertiary Education Pathways and Partnerships

Diploma-to-Degree with TAFE NSW and Western Sydney University (opens in a new window)

Transfer agreements with Ontario Colleges are also available, please contact for details.