IT Service Quality Benchmark Survey

The IT Service Quality Benchmarking Survey is now closed for another year.

Thank you to the 1055 (7.5%) students and 935 (17.3%) staff members who took the time to participate and provide us with invaluable feedback regarding your experiences with current IT and Digital services provided and possible areas for improvement.

Our vendor Voice Project is currently compiling and analysing your responses and will shortly provide us with the results. These will be made available on this web page as soon as possible so that you are able to compare your responses with your fellow participants as well as those collected from your predecessors over the last four surveys held.

The benchmarking reports will be posted later in the year as we need to wait for all other participating Australian and New Zealand universities to complete their own surveys and to have their results analysed, compared and benchmarked against our results. Past responses have pinpointed our customers’ key areas of concern and we have implemented new measures to help address these and improve our services to you.

Check out our 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 survey results for more information and find out how you have made a real difference with how Information Technology and Digital services are delivered at Western U.

You hold the key to a better IT!