Need Help? Guides and FAQs

Check out some of our helpful, downloadable guides below for more help and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you need additional help using PrintSmart, please contact our ITDS Service Desk via WesternNow.

If you have questions about the print devices themselves and/or configuration, please contact the Procurement team at:

Our team will update these regularly to help you with PrintSmart. If you have any other issues around the service, please contact ITDS Service Desk via WesternNow(opens in a new window).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we have received so far to help staff with questions about the rollout and the PrintSmart Service. Alternatively, you can always contact our Service Desk for further help.

What is Follow Me Print?

Follow Me Print (we have called it PrintSmart) allows users to print to a shared print queue and print their work from any printer, anywhere within 24 hours. This ensures that printing is confidential to the user and reduces printed waste from uncollected documents at the printer. As you have registered your card using a specific FujiFilm device, you can print anywhere at any of our campuses.

What are the benefits of PrintSmart?

There are many benefits to staff, students, and the university. Some of the benefits include:

  • Staff can now print over the WiFi. This is a frequent request from staff, and the new fleet now has this functionality.
  • Improving the print service for our customers in line with organisational norms, and with a modern printer fleet, the user experience (UX) will no doubt be better.
  • Consolidating the print fleet to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, for reporting purposes.
  • Bolstering our environmental credentials through more energy-efficient printers and printing. PrintSmart slashes the volume of unclaimed printouts by ensuring that pages are only released at the point of printing.
  • Enhancing the security of our print service where staff can print a confidential or private documents that may be inadvertently be seen or collected by others.

Is PrintSmart for Staff only?

At the moment, yes, until the end of 2022. However, in this immediate rollout, students can use PrintSmart in PEIH.  We will roll out to the rest of the student areas in 2023.

How do I use PrintSmart for the first time?

When you use PrintSmart for the first time, you must set it up in two simple steps. Please see our guides to help you through the process as well.

  1. Connect your computer to the network.
  2. Register/enrol your Staff/Student ID card on any printer (only once and at any Printer for you to use university-wide).

How do I enrol my Western staff and link my computer/device?

Please see the guides above, located on the buttons.

I have a Mac. Can I use PrintSmart?

You sure can. Please see our Connect your Mac to PrintSmart guide.

I hear they are consolidating some of the  printers, is this true?

This is true. To standardise and modernise our printing fleet, we will need to consolidate some of the many printers across the University which means there may be less printers in your area. This cost-effective move will improve our environmental credentials but using less paper, ink, and further resources needed to manage our old model of printing. There will be changes,  and we understand that this may mean an adjustment for some, but we will work with each area to make sure that staff are on the same page, and work through any issues.

We have provided a list on each campus of all the printers. Please see here (insert link).

PrintSmart is moving to a central cost centre. What does this mean?

Printing will now be managed centrally, at the University level, rather than at the schools/divisions/unit level. This will help to improve visibility over the financial cost associated with it.  Doing so, overall, will help deliver better service and support through a consolidated, improved, and standardised fleet to bring a more manageable and better service.