Objectives and Principles

Future Now| Securing Digital Success 2018-2020 sets out 6 core objectives, each guided by 6 strategic digital principles that will ensure that Western Sydney University Secures Digital Success by 2020.

Our Six Core Objectives

Our six core objectives align with the Securing Success 2018-2020 Strategic Plan with a focus on digital technology and service. They are:

1. Enhancing the Digital Experience

Students, researchers and staff will be able to learn, teach and work in a range of flexible ways using a streamlined portfolio of digital technologies, anywhere, on any device and at any time.

2. Facilitating World Class Research

Western Sydney University continues to be seen as a leader in the area of research practice by leveraging easy to access digital services.

3. Promoting University Engagement

IT and Digital Services strive to maximise opportunities for learners through technology partnerships, smart analytics and high-quality constituent relationship management.

4. Building Digital Capability

Through knowledge management, high quality support, self-service initiatives, training and capability opportunities, staff and students will be adept at leveraging existing technologies and embracing new technologies with a high degree of confidence.

5. Powering Up Innovation

Western Sydney University is acknowledged as a leader in the use of emerging digital technology to drive innovative practice in the way we deliver learning, teaching, research and engagement.

6. Focus on the Business of Information Technology

This objective recognises the ongoing work required to sustain information technology and digital services to provide governance, operational support and improvements critical to ensuring ITDS continue to meet organisational priorities.

Our Six Strategic Principles

The following six strategic digital principles provide a framework of relevance for IT and Digital Services and the broader university that guide the objectives outlined in this document but also any new opportunities that are revealed as the technology and tertiary education landscape changes in the future.

1. Service Excellence

The technology is secondary to the overall user experience. We recognise that digital services must be functional but also easy to access, easy to use, personalised and well supported. ITDS plans for success through operational resilience, embedded security and effective risk management.

2. Trusted advisor, partner and enabler

With strong vendor relationships, corporate buying power, significant knowledge, experience and skills and the broadest understanding of the digital landscape within the University, ITDS seeks to partner with all stakeholders to achieve their digital ambitions.

3. Actively Simplify, Adopt and Adapt

Simplify, optimise, consolidate and streamline our processes and technologies to reduce complexity, increase agility and improve the student and staff experience. Adopt commercial solutions and adapt our business processes to suit.

4. Ideate, Innovate and Iterate

ITDS will engage with partners within and beyond the University to encourage and nurture innovation, delivering digital services in an agile manner that befits modern practices and expectations.

5. Any Device, anywhere, all the time

Solutions must be agile, mobile and accessible across all common platforms, and always be available where and when needed. Leverage cloud-based service offerings wherever it is possible and appropriate to do so.

6. Collaborate Effectively

Collaboration that’s focused on business outcomes but also aligns with the need for governance, transparency, accountability and fairness ensures the business of IT is properly conducted to maintain alignment with the university’s strategy and objectives.