ITDS COVID-19 Laptop Program

The COVID-19 Laptop Program an initiative designed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic to assist with the unprecedented and urgent requirement that WSU staff undertake their duties in a work-from-home context.  ITDS will be providing our staff and students with IT equipment, configuring University tools and services and information on telephones and data, as well as other relevant information.

We will use this page to update you regularly on our laptop program.

For more general information on working remotely for staff, please visit our ITDS COVID-19 website.

Laptop Program and Protocols

The following information summarises how University laptops will be loaned, as well as the help provided to configure personal laptops, to support Western Sydney University staff and students, should the situation arise where they are unable to work on campus. Please see if you are eligible for a loan laptop, below.

To read in full, please see the ITDS COVID-19 Technology Protocols on the right hand menu.

Assistance for Staff on IT Equipment

There are three main areas of assistance that ITDS will provide to our staff for IT Equipment. We have also provided guides and documentation to help you set up your work-from-home environment. We will be updating these regularly. They are:

Other Guides to help you work-from-home
  • Remote Access Guide for working at home. This will help remote into the University from home. Not all options are available for all staff.
  • WIFI Support: 3G/4G Dongles: This is for staff who need assistance with internet connectivity at home. Please note: these are limited.
  • Tech Guide for working at home. This is a simple tips and tricks guide for some common IT issues. Please note: these are limited.

Important Information

Protecting yourself working at home

It is vital for you to protect yourself and the University when you are using the laptop at home. Due to the pandemic taking place, not only is your well-being and health important, but equally you must look after yourself in the digital world.

What can you do? Arm yourself with the right information: about phishing attacks, learn why keeping your software up-to-date is important and consider upgrading the standard antivirus software to free Sophos Home. The list goes on...

Get started and please refer to the following information to help you when working from home:

Eligibility for Loan Laptops

The University has obtained a limited number of laptops which will be deployed on a priority basis to our staff.

This is to act as quick guide only, for more detailed information, please see ITDS Technology Protocols for COVID-19.

This means:

  • Devices will only be allocated to staff who have a critical forward-facing role and do not have a pre-existing device whether personal or University issue. For certain critical roles, devices will be issued even when you have a personal device;
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students can be considered as part of this program;
  • The University will not provide additional devices including headsets, microphones, webcams etc; and
  • The University reserves the right to reclaim the Laptops at any time.