Sustainable Cities Collaboratory

The Sustainable Cities Collaboratory comprises a group of Metropolis cities, together with a small number of global advisors and a selection of relevant research centres from around the world who pursuits common goals towards developments in urban sustainability, both at a city-level and globally, taking the lead in the agenda-setting for positive social change. The project has several purposes. Firstly, it aims to develop a set of principles, policies, and guidelines for sustainable urban development – building upon Metropolis’s ‘Principles for Better Cities’, in line with the Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda, sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas among the cities involved. Secondly, it aims to create a powerful voice for successful practical implementation of principles of sustainable urban development and - most importantly -  to develop and support the use of a set of coherent urban sustainability tools — finally, it pursuits to maintain a database of exemplary sustainability projects.

Researchers: Professor Paul James (ICS), Associate Professor Liam Magee (ICS)

Funding: The Federate State of Berlin, Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection

Period: May 2018 – December 2020