Fashioning Fiji: Investigating Creative Industries in a Developing Context


This project focuses upon the development and growth of the Fijian fashion industry across national (Suva), regional (Sydney, Auckland) and global (London) sites. It explores this growth in relation to the integration of technology in the processes of design and production, the use of digital and social media to build and expand markets, and capacity building for fashion entrepreneurs. Using digital ethnography and anthropological approaches, the study will follow Fijian designers to understand the sites of the broader fashion system as well as the consumers of Fijian fashion such as migrant and diasporic communities. Placing Fijian designers, places and identities at the centre of the industry, the project aims to understand how creative industries can be sustained and supported in relation to island nation-states in the Pacific and other developing contexts.


Professor Heather Horst

Funding: Australian Research Council, Discovery Project

Period: 2020-2023