Environmental Stewardship Resurgence in Walbanga (Yuin Nation) Land and Sea Country

This project is a collaborative action-research initiative led by Mogo Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC). The initiative aims at developing a toolkit for Mogo and Batemans Bay LALC rangers to strengthen their capacity to influence environmental management decisions across their Country. It weaves aspirations to genuinely increase Walbanga’s participation in the governance of their territories and support their everyday resurgence through environmental stewardship practices articulating work on Country and Walbanga's philosophies. As the extent of the damage caused by devastating 2019-2020 bushfires (which engulfed Yuin Country, destroyed 7 community members' houses and Mogo LALC’s building) is yet to be fully assessed and comprehended, the resolution and passion of Mogo and Batemans Bay LALCs, rangers and community to realise these aspirations are stronger than ever. Building on their knowledge, their relationship to Country and existing skills, this project will provide opportunities for the rangers to enhance their surveying, analytic and reporting capacities, further expanding their toolkit to document, restore, reclaim and enact their stewardship practices. Together, the rangers and researchers will adapt and streamline Cybertracker sequences, use these sequences to conduct surveys on Country and interview key community members. New sequences will also be created, responding to the rangers’ pre- bushfire aspirations to document the revival of their cultural burning practices.


Associate Professor Karen Soldatic

Dr Kim Spurway

Dr Annick Thomassin (ICS Visiting Fellow, CAEPR/ANU)

Dr Janet Hunt (CAEPR/ANU)

Funding: AIATSIS Indigenous Research Exchange

Period: 2021 - 2022

Contact: Dr Kim Spurway