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Tanya Notley's research is focused on digital inclusion and media literacy. She has 20 years of experience working with NGOs, government agencies, cultural institutions, and the United Nations in the areas of media inclusion, social justice and human rights.

Tanya’s recent and ongoing research projects examine adult media literacy, young people and news media, misinformation on social media and the relationship between digital and social inclusion. She currently leads a project focused on addressing misinformation using media literacy, and is a Chief Investigator on a project designed to support the digital inclusion of families living in low income households. In 2018-2020 she led a project focused on young Australians, news, and democracy.

Tanya collaborates with organisations to design communication initiatives for social impact and has worked on practice-based communication research projects in the UK, Germany, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. She co-leads the Platform for Civic Media Literacy at the Institute for Culture and Society and served as the Co-Chair of the Australian Media Literacy Alliance (AMLA) 2019-2024.

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  • PhD, 2009, Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation (ICI), Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Masters of Social Change and Development, 2001, Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies, University of Newcastle, Australia

Selected Publications

Notley, T., & Aziz, A. (2024) The unjust burden of digital inclusion for low‐income migrant parents. Policy & Internet, 1–15.

Notley, T., Chambers, S., Zhong, H.F., Park, S., Lee, J. and Dezuanni, M. (2023)  News and Young Australians in 2023: How children and teens access, perceive and are affected by news media, Research Report, Western Sydney University.

Notley, T., Chambers, S., Dezuanni, M. & Park, S. (2023) Using YouTube to seek answers and make decisions: Implications for Australian adult media and information literacy, Comunicar.

Park, S., Young Lee, J., Notley, T., & Dezuanni, M.(2023) Exploring the relationship between media literacy, online interaction, and civic engagement, The Information Society.

Chambers, S., Notley, T., Dezuanni, M. Park, S. (2022) Values and Media Literacy: Exploring the Relationship Between the Values People Prioritize in Their Life and Their Attitudes Toward Media Literacy (opens in a new window), International Journal of Communication.

Notley, T., Zhong, H.F., Dezuanni, M., & Gilbert, S. (2022) Comparing children’s and teens’ news engagement practices and affective news experiences (opens in a new window), Journal of Youth Studies.

Notley, T and M. Dezuanni, 2022. ‘The Impact of News Media Exclusion: Understanding and Addressing the Under-Representation of Young People in the Australian News Media Landscape’ In Belinha De Abreu (Ed) Media Literacy and Social Justice in Action, Routledge.

Notley, T, Chambers, S, Park, S & Dezuanni, M 2021, Adult Media Literacy in Australia: Attitudes, Experiences and Needs (opens in a new window), Western Sydney University, Queensland University of Technology and University of Canberra.

Notley, T 2019, The environmental costs of the global digital economy in Asia and the urgent need for better policy (opens in a new window), Media International Australia, online first.

Notley, T & Dezuanni, M 2018, Advancing children’s news media literacy: learning from the practices and experiences of young Australians (opens in a new window), Media, Culture & Society, DOI: 10.1177/0163443718813470.

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