Professor Jamie Peck

Professor Jamie Peck

Jamie Peck is Canada Research Chair in Urban & Regional Political Economy and Professor of Geography at the University of British Columbia, Canada, and Global Professorial Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society at WSU. He was previously Professor of Geography and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, and Professor of Geography at the University of Manchester, UK. With long-term research interests in geographical political economy, labor studies, and critical studies of statecraft, Peck’s current research is focused on the historical geographies of neoliberalization and the political-economic transformation of South China.

Regularly listed among the world’s most highly cited social scientists, his work has been translated into 15 languages. Peck holds honorary visiting professorships at the universities of Oxford, Nottingham, and Manchester. A former Editor of Antipode, he is the Managing Editor of the journal EPA: Economy and Space, serving on the editorial advisory boards of the Review of International Political Economy; Annals of the Association of American Geographers; Regional Studies; Economic Geography; the Journal of Law and Political Economy; Area Development and Policy; Pegada; Territory, Politics, Governance; and Alternate Routes. Since 2003, Peck has coordinated the Summer Institute in Economic Geography, an international workshop for early-career researchers.


  • PhD, 1988, Geography, Manchester University, UK
  • BA, 1983, Geography, Manchester, UK

Awards and Recognition

  • Ongoing: Fellow of the British Academy, FBA
  • Ongoing: Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, FRSA
  • Ongoing: Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences, FAcSS
  • Ongoing: Distinguished University Scholar, UBC
  • 2020: Distinguished Scholarship Award, American Association of Geographers
  • 2015-2020: Highly Cited Researcher, Clarivate/Web of Science, social sciences
  • 2017: Best Paper Award, Regional Studies
  • 2016: Scholar in Residence, Canadian Studies Program, UCLA
  • 2013-2014: Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, UBC
  • 2013: Killam Research Prize, UBC
  • 2011: Lim Chong Yah Professor, National University of Singapore
  • 2011: International Political Economy Group Book Prize, Constructions of neoliberal reason
  • 2009: Wibaut Chair, University of Amsterdam
  • 2008: Hallsworth Professor, University; Manchester
  • 2006-2007: Guggenheim Fellow
  • 2005-2007: Vilas Associate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 2004: Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Queen’s University, Belfast
  • 2003: Visiting Fellow, University of Oslo
  • 1999: Centre for Science Development Research Fellow, University of the Witwatersrand
  • 1998: Visiting Distinguished Scholar, Havens Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 1998: Back Award, Royal Geographical Society
  • 1995-1996: Harkness Fellowship, Commonwealth Fund of New York
  • 1995: Faculty Research Fellow, Canadian High Commission
  • 1995: Anniversary Award, Environment and Planning A
  • 1988-1989: National Research Fellow, University of Melbourne

Selected Publications

Peck J 2021. On capitalism’s cusp (opens in a new window), Area Development and Policy, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 1-30

Peck J and Phillips R 2020. The platform conjuncture (opens in a new window), Sociologica, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 73-99

Leitner H, Peck J and Sheppard E, eds. 2020. Urban studies inside/out: theory, method, practice (opens in a new window), Sage, London

Berndt C, Peck J and Rantisi N M, eds. 2020. Market/place: exploring spaces of exchange (opens in a new window), Agenda, Newcastle upon Tyne

Peck J & Theodore N 2019, Still neoliberalism? (opens in a new window), South Atlantic Quarterly, vol. 118, no. 2, pp. 245-265.

Peck J 2017, Offshore: exploring the worlds of global outsourcing (opens in a new window), Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Peck J & Theodore N 2015, Fast policy: experimental statecraft at the thresholds of neoliberalism (opens in a new window), University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis.

Peck J 2010, Constructions of neoliberal reason (opens in a new window), Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Peck J 2001, Workfare states (opens in a new window), Guilford, New York.

Peck J 1996, Work-place: the social regulation of labor markets (opens in a new window), Guilford, New York.

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