New Book in Honour of Manfred B Steger

Cover of Revisiting the Global ImaginaryCongratulations to Professor Manfred B. Steger who has had a book of essays published in honour of his important contributions to the field of global studies.

Revisiting the Global Imaginary: Theories, Ideologies, Subjectivities: Essays in Honor of Manfred Steger (opens in a new window) is a tribute to the extensive body of work on globalisation that has made Professor Steger one of the most influential scholars working in his field today. His conceptualisation of the global imaginary is amongst the most significant developments in thinking about globalisation of the last three decades.

The collection of 11 essays focuses on the evolution, ontological foundations and methodological approaches to the study of the global imaginary as both a tribute to Professor Steger and an innovative and fresh contribution to global studies literature.

Professor Manfred B. Steger Manfred B. Steger is Professor of Global and Transnational Sociology at the University of Hawai'i-Manoa and researcher at the Institute for Culture and Society. He is the author of seventy refereed articles and book chapters as well as the author or editor of twenty-five books on globalisation, and social and political theory. He has served as a globalisation advisor to the U.S. Department of State and has delivered dozens of invited lectures at major universities around the world. In addition to collaborating on globalisation issues with colleagues at Western Sydney University, he is also working with academics in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region associated with the Global Studies Consortium, housed at the University of California Santa Barbara, USA.

The book is edited by Associate Professor Chris Hudson (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia) and Associate Professor Erin K Wilson (University of Groningen, Netherlands) and features chapters by Institute for Culture and Society Director Professor Paul James and graduate Dr Timothy Erik Ström.

Posted: 2 May 2019