New Project with City of Sydney

ICS has recently been awarded a consultancy contract of $97,850 to undertake a project entitled ‘Mapping Cultural Venues and Infrastructure in the City of Sydney Local Government Area’ for the City of Sydney.

The project will involve the development of a classification framework to define the scope of cultural venues and infrastructure and the creation of a series of interactive maps to show the physical location of all cultural venues and businesses in the City of Sydney area.

The results of this project can inform the evaluation of the city’s Creative City Cultural Policy and Action Plan and provide an information resource for wider arts and creative industries stakeholders.

The research team comprises of ICS researchers Professor Ien Ang, Professor David Rowe, Dr Liam Magee, Dr Teresa Swist, Dr Alexandra Wong (Project Manager), PhD candidate Andrea and Denis Rouillard from Western Sydney University's School of Social Sciences and Psychology. 

ICS's partnership with the City of Sydney dates back to 2004 on the project 'Backpacker Cultures, Residential Communities, and the Construction of Tourist Spaces and Landscapes', and more recently on projects such as 'Sydney's Chinatown in the Asian Century' (2012-2015) and 'Recalibrating Culture: Production, Consumption, Policy' (2013-2016). 

Posted 20 May 2016.