Latest ARC Grant Success

Congratulations to ICS researchers Associate Professor Juan Francisco Salazar, Professor Paul JamesDr Liam Magee and partner researchers who have been awarded an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant for the project 'Antarctic Cities and the Global Commons: Rethinking the Gateways'.

Led by Associate Professor Salazar, the project aims to investigate how the Antarctic 'gateway cities' of Hobart, Australia; Christchurch, New Zealand; and Punta Arenas, Chile might reimagine and intensify their relations to the continent and each other. As pressures on Antarctica increase, these 'gateway cities' will become critical to its future. This research is expected to create a robust custodial network of partner organisations that helps these cities care for Antarctica.

Photo of the sun setting in Antarctica with an orange light over the ice and water, and penguins on the ice.

Project Details

Researchers: Associate Professor Juan Salazar (Institute for Culture and Society), Professor Paul James (Institute for Culture and Society), Associate Professor Elizabeth Leane (University of Tasmania), Dr Liam Magee (Institute for Culture and Society), Mr Tim Short (Hobart City Council), Dr Daniela Liggett (University of Canterbury), Mr Elías Barticevic (Chilean Antarctic Institute), Professor Dr Claudia Estrada Goic (University of Magallanes).

Partners: Hobart City Council; Department of State Growth; University of Canterbury, Christchurch; Christchurch City Council; Chilean Antarctic Institute; University of Magallanes.

Funding: $389,335 from 2016-2019.

For full details of all grants awarded in the May funding announcement see the Australian Research Council website (opens in a new window).

Posted: 10 May 2016.