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More Than Passive Customers: Multicultural Lessons from the Sport Stands, by Dr Jorge Knijnik

Women in Sport, Gender in Society, by Professor David Rowe

Trump, Brexit, Humanities and Citizen Scholars, by Dr Kearrin Sims, 23 November

Look What it Means to Him Interviews Professor David Rowe, 18 October

Keeping Score: The Sociology of Sport and Media, by Professor David Rowe, 22 July

Laos Rolls the Dice on Casino Tourism, by Dr Kearrin Sims, 12 July

For a Millenial Precariat Internationale: What Do Young Adults From Sydney to Quito Have in Common and Why Are Their Hopes Placed in Spain?, by Ramon Marrades Sempere, 10 May

Sports, Sexism and the Law: Some Contextual History, by Professor David Rowe, 4 May

International Women's Day: Equality and Work in the Screen Industry Under the Microscope, by Dr Sheree Gregory, 7 March

Why Sport Needs Sociology and Why Sociology Needs Sport, by Professor David Rowe, 3 March

Digital Methods Summer School 2016 – Queensland University of Technology, by HDR candidate Cecilia Hilder, 24 February

Moving Around the Lanterns, by HDR candidate Andrea Del Bono, 12 February

Australia's Arts Community has a Big Diversity Problem – that's our loss, by Professor Ien Ang and Dr Phillip Mar, 21 January

Killed by Death, Ashes to Ashes: Rock Stars and Mortal Masculinity, by Professor David Rowe, 19 January


Five Minutes with Gay Hawkins, Emily Potter and Kane Race, interview with The MIT Press (Professor Gay Hawkins with her co-authors), 9 December

Laos in 2016: Sustainable Development and the Work of Sombath Somphone, by HDR candidate Kearrin Sims, 23 November

When Passion is a Source of Tension, Interview with HDR candidate Sherene Idriss, 28 September

ACSIS – ICS PhD Exchange and Conference, by HDR candidate Cecilia Hilder, 8 July

Young People and the Creative and Cultural Industries, by HDR candidate Sherene Idriss, 17 April

How to Engage Youth in Making Policies That Work for Us All, by Dr Philippa Collin, 10 April

Western Sydney's Cultural Push, by Professor David Rowe and HDR candidate Cecelia Cmielewski, 19 March

Bitcoin is Dead, Long Live Bitcoin!, by HDR candidate Jack Parkin, 18 March

More than a Chinese New Year Festival, by Dr Alexandra Wong, 12 February

What Sam Burgess' Face Tells Us About Australian Sport, by HDR candidate Keith Parry, 6 February

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it's Appreciation, by ICS intern Cheyne Abdullah, 4 February


Review of New Forms of Digital Communication and Political Organisation Workshop, by HDR candidate Cecilia Hilder, 13 October 2014

Gotta Try a Little Tinderness, by HDR candidate Matthew Hart, 20 August 2014

Misuse of Painkillers on the Rise, But Why?by HDR candidate George (Kev) Dertadian, 4 August 2014

The 3rd International Conference on Social Enterprise in Asia, 28 July 2014, by HDR candidate Isaac Lyne

Geographers, Libraries and Me, 4 July 2014, by HDR candidate Jen Li

'Joanne McNeill attends Goldsmiths Graduate Festival', 28 May 2014, by HDR candidate Joanne McNeill

'11 Towns, 20 Libraries and the Goldsmiths Graduate Festival - Jen Li's visit to the US and UK', 28 May 2014, by HDR candidate Jen Li

Cities, Mobilities, Citizenships, 5 May 2014, by ICS intern Ashley Anderson

Yik Yaw, Young People, and You!, 4 April 2014, by ICS researcher Dr Teresa Swirski

Opinion pieces by ICS members can be found on the ICS in the Media page.


The 3rd National Social Enterprise Conference of Cambodia, 20 December 2013, by HDR candidate Isaac Lyne

14 book recommendations to get you through the Christmas holidays, 11 December 2013, by HDR candidate Jen Li

Challenging Memories: Silence and Empathy in Heritage Interpretation, 26 November 2013, by ICS researcher Dr Julie Thorpe

Exploring new regionalisms at the 'Flying University, 1 October 2013, by HDR candidate Kearrin Sims

'HDR student at Geographers Conference in Perth', 15 July 2013, by HDR candidate Jen Li

'HDR student presents paper at conference in Singapore', 27 June 2013, by HDR candidate Andrea Del Bono

'ICS sends student to London for conference', 12 June 2013, by HDR candidate Sky Hugman

'A HDR student abroad', 5 June 2013, by HDR candidate George (Kev) Dertadian

Beckham and Ferguson: a tale of two masculinities, 20 May 2013, by Professor David Rowe

Material Culture Reading Group April 2013, 3 May 2013, by HDR candidate Kecia Fong

The Media and the Arts both need diversity, 14 March 2013, by HDR candidate Ben Eltham

National Cultural Policy out at last — and it's a big win for arts, 13 March 2013, by HDR candidate Ben Eltham


Finding Laos a Place in the Asian Century, 27 November 2012, by HDR candidate Kearrin Sims

The Universal Journalist, 27 September 2012, by Professor David Rowe

Essay for Chen Ping's Complex Emotions exhibition, 20 September 2012, by Professor James Arvanitakis

Living the Olympics, 5 September 2012, by Professor David Rowe

London Olympics: Society outside the stadium and the spectre of 7/7, 24 July 2012, by Professor David Rowe

Sydney's night-time economy: Putting the violence in context, 24 July 2012, by Professor Stephen Tomsen

Lunchtime Seminar Series Summary: Crossing Class and Culture: Community Building and Social Capital in Public Libraries, 20 July 2012, by HDR candidate Jen Li

An Unexpected Encounter, 4 June 2012, by HDR candidate Kearrin Sims

Kolkata: the beauty and the heartache, 4 May 2012, by Professor James Arvanitakis

Lunchtime Seminar Series Summary: Drugs Through Time: Discursive Shifts in Drug Knowledge in the Australian Context, 11 April 2012, by HDR candidate Kev Dertadian

Pip Collin attends Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation launch, 12 March 2012, by Dr Philippa Collin


Fragrant New Paper, Kindle Surprise and Common(s) Consumption, 15 December 2011, by Professor David Rowe

Shanghai Expo 2010: the city above the sea, the country above the world, 10 October 2011, by Dr Tim Winter and Dr Juan Francisco Salazar

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Recycling Cities: a photo essay, 10 October 2011, by Tim Winter

Judicial Gang Attack on Failed Rioters, 23 August 2011, by David Rowe

They Arranged a Riot on Facebook, But Nobody Turned Up, 15 August 2011, by David Rowe

Lunchtime Seminar Series Summary: Drugs and the law: The methamphetamine problem, 1 August 2011, by Pota Forrest-Lawrence

Lunchtime Seminar Series Summary: "Not another Bankstown": Cultural fears over place, 29 June 2011, by Ryan Al-Natour

Kimberley gas plant threatens Aboriginal culture: Join the discussion, 22 June 2011, by Deborah Wall

Governance, Human Rights and Development in Southeast Asia and Beyond, 18 June 2011, by Kearrin Sims

Climate Change & the Museum sector: 10 reflections from the 'Hot Science, Global Citizens' symposium, 18 May 2011, by Bob Hodge

Lunchtime Seminar Series Summary: '"Everything creative is non-Leb": The ways that Lebanese-Australian youth experience disengagement with 'Leb' sub-cultures in Sydney', 16 May 2011, by Sherene Idriss

Human Security and Development in the Lao PDR, 16 May 2011, by Kearrin Sims

Public Lecture by Mike Hulme: Restructuring climate policy for a partisan era, 29 April 2011

Avoiding the wedding of the century, 29 April 2011, by David Rowe

Who or what is the real Julia?, 21 April 2011, by Benjamin Eltham

Saving manufacturing requires us to stop subsidising dirty industries, 18 April 2011, by James Arvanitakis

The Chain Of Command, 15 April 2011, by Benjamin Eltham

UWS Transport Mapping Project – Collaborative IRIS Grant Project, 14 April 2011, by Kaye Shumack

Art of Engagement Symposium, 5 April 2011, by Michelle Kelly

Indigenous knowledge and 'hidden discourse' in the public domain, 25 March 2011, by Deborah Wall

Is Crown Land Indigenous Land?, 25 March 2011, by James Arvanitakis

A gas hub site proposed in the Kimberley: Age of 'Fragmegration'?, 23 March 2011, by Deborah Wall

Lunchtime Seminar Series Summary: India: a post-colonial reflection of my fellow travellers, 16 March 2011, by Michelle Kelly

We're only as racist as our pollies make us out to be, 3 March 2011, by James Arvanitakis

Why AFACT's piracy statistics are junk, 28 February 2011, by Benjamin Eltham

Shanghai Expo: The World in a City, 20 February 2011, by David Rowe


Shanghai Expo: Seeing the World in Small, 1 December 2010, by Tim Winter

CCR Researchers Visit the Shanghai Expo, 30 November 2010, by Tim Winter

Are We All Cultural Workers Now? Getting By In Precarious Times, 30 November 2010, by Brett Neilson

Habit, Governance and the Social, 30 November 2010, by Tony Bennett

Shanghai Expo: The World in a City, 1 November 2010, by Tim Winter

Material Realities, 15 October 2010, by Brett Neilson

From Cultural Flows to Logistical Circuits, 3 October 2010, by Brett Neilson

Metaphors, Models and Financial Crises, 15 September 2010, by Tony Bennett

Review of The Third International Conference on Lao Studies, 28 August 2010, by Kearrin Sims

Lunchtime Seminar Series Review: The Aesthetics of Iranian Poetic Cinema, 8 June 2010, by Ingrid Matthews

Professor Kay Anderson Presents the Inaugural Fay Gale Lecture, 28 March 2010, by Reena Dobson


The Art of Engagement – Angle, TVS, 3 October 2009

Summer Night Reflections: The City After Dark, 21 May 2009

Associate Professor Brett Neilson: a new era, 31 March 2009

An Olympian Task – Public Talk, 11 January 2009