The City the River and the Museum

The City, the River and the Museum: Ways of Knowing the Parramatta/Burramatta River. 

November 8 2023 08:45 to 18:30

Western Sydney University

Parramatta City Campus PS1, Level 9, Conference Room 3

This symposium brings together researchers, scientists, policy makers, artists, activists, community members and museum workers to focus on different aspects of the Parramatta River as a central feature of Parramatta’s growing role as the Central River City in Greater Sydney.

Parramatta is the furthest navigable point inland on the Parramatta River, and also the point at which the river becomes freshwater. Aboriginal people once fished from bark canoes on the river, and the river continues to be a place of Aboriginal cultural significance. The river was also an important transport corridor between Sydney and Parramatta, and most of the Parramatta River was once swimmable. By the 1950s, however, a lack of regulation and rapid industrial development caused substantial pollution and degradation of the water quality. Today, there are growing calls and initiatives to restore the Parramatta River’s significance as the green heart of the city. The arrival of the Powerhouse Parramatta – scheduled to open in 2025 – is a catalyst for this development.

The symposium will discuss the ways in which the Parramatta/Burramatta River exemplifies the multiple roles of rivers in the lives of cities and their environs through intersecting physical, social and cultural structures and processes.

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The City the River and the Museum

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