What matters: Indigenous LGBTIQ+ Pasts, Presents and Futures

About this event

This symposium includes presentations from across the disciplines on a wide variety of historical, contemporary, and future forward topics related to Indigenous sexuality and/or gender diverse peoples and communities.


  • Professor Sandy 0’Sullivan (Keynote ) - No Cession: queer as we are
  • Associate Professor Corrinne Sullivan & Professor Karen Soldatic – Darilinji Project
  • Georgia Coe - ‘Coming together’: Exploring the power, strengths and supports of Indigenous queer identity communities online
  • Madi Day - Coloniality, gender and heterosexuality
  • Shakara Liddelow-Hunt - Walkern Katatdjin (Rainbow Knowledge): The mental health and social emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQA+ young people
  • Pep Phelan - Indigenous LGBTIQA+ Existences, Safety, and Wellbeing as a Critical Component of Truth and Justice Commissions in Australia
  • Souksavanh T Keovorabouth - A New City is Possible with “City-Back”: Utilizing “Land-Back” to Understand the Impacts of Relocation on Queer Indigenous Urban Experience
  • Leandro Wallace - Connections across the globe: The Colonial Project of Gender and the Modern/Colonial System of Gender in conversation
  • Dr Hannah Reardon-Smith - Queer First Nations ‘Storytelling Wholeness’ and ‘Some Properly Hot Gay Sex’
  • Shane Sturgis BlaQ Aboriginal Corporation – Darilinji Community report and Roadmap

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Funded by the Dalarinji project, you can find full details here