Recruiting staff at Western Sydney University

A step-by-step guide

A Recruitment and Selection Working Group was formed after the 2015 MyVoice Survey.  The group was tasked with developing new resources that would explain the Western Sydney University recruitment process more effectively to staff and to assist hiring managers throughout the job design, recruitment and selection process.

The Recruitment Process website has been developed as a tool to explain each phase of the recruitment cycle at Western Sydney University.

Hiring managers can refer to the 4-step recruitment process diagram below and then use the University's new Map Your Progress tool to track the progress of their own recruitment activities.

This website has been designed to assist hiring managers. It does not replace eRecruit (opens in a new window) - the system that is used to request advertising of positions and to make appointments.

Training in Recruiting the Right Person: Behavioural Interviewing is required for those who convene or are members of a selection committee to assist in the staff selection process for making informed hiring decisions. The information on this site should be used in conjunction with the Recruitment and Selection Policy.(opens in a new window)

When hiring new staff at Western Sydney University, follow this 4-step process:

Step one: ConsiderStep two: Create

Step four: Select

More information

A Glossary of Terms (opens in a new window) has been created to explain any language or terminology that may be unfamiliar.

If at any stage you require additional assistance, please contact your Recruitment Advisor or Senior HR Partner.