Hawkesbury-Nepean River Snap Project

Become a citizen scientist for the Hawkesbury-Nepean.

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The Hawkesbury-Nepean River is the one of the most important river systems in Sydney, but its health has declined over time due to increasing pressures of a growing population and industrial and agricultural pollution. Using your smartphone, you can become a citizen scientist and help us monitor the health of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River over time.

Simply place your phone on the River Snap mount, snap a photo of the river and upload it using the online form below.

Ready to get involved? Visit one of the River Snap sites situated along the Hawkesbury-Nepean River:

More sites coming soon!

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Our Terms and Conditions

This River Snap project is operated by Western Sydney University with Hawkesbury City Council and Hawkesbury-Nepean Waterkeeper Alliance. If you submit a photograph, you:

  1. grant to us a perpetual free licence to use, modify, copy, distribute and publish such photographs for research and publicity purposes;
  2. agree that we may publish the photographs on our HaRWEST website and through public exhibitions;
  3. agree that we may keep a record of any information provided with your photograph (including personal information), which we may use to monitor the use of our services and for our internal research purposes. Unless required by law, we will not use such information for any other purpose, and will not disclose it to third parties, without your consent.

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For questions, please contact the Sustainability Education team at Western Sydney University.

Logos of the partners in the river snap project, including Western Sydney University