Academic transcript/record

IMPORTANT: printed academic documents are processed and posted twice a week, please allow 21 business days for hard copy document/s to be processed (posted time via Australia Post are in addition to the processing period).  No priority processing available. If you require a completed transcript (and you have not graduated) you can order a course completion letter in the first instance (and once you have confirmation this has been processed, then order the etranscript) or wait until your award is conferred. If you have had a change of grade, please wait 48 hours until you order an etranscript or all your results will not show and a new etranscript will need to be ordered.

What is an academic transcript/record?

An academic transcript is the official record of a student’s study, including all subjects and awards undertaken at Western Sydney University or The College (for Diploma students).  An academic record is the official record of results achieved in all enrolled units in a foundation studies course undertaken at The College.

* To send your documents to WES electronically, you will need to place an order and in the "Recipient Name" section please enter your WES Reference Number so that WES is able to identify your application and use the email address

* To send your documents to the Law Board, you will need to place an order and in the "Recipient Name" section please enter your LPAB Reference Number so that LPAB is able to identify your application and use the email address,

* DEC (not for Master of Teaching), you will need to place an order and complete using all your details including email address. Once you receive the document and download it you will then need to email it to DEC. DEC will not open the document if sent directly to them.  Western does not accept the release of transcript forms, you must make an order

* To send to CGFNS international - order the eTranscript - once you receive the eTranscript link, download the file and attach the downloaded file in and email it to School of Nursing and Midwifery (

* AHPRA only accept hard copy documents, please order the hard copy document direct to AHPRA

How much does an academic transcript/record cost?

An electronic academic transcript/record costs $15.

A hard copy (paper) academic transcript/record costs $35 for postage within Australia and $50 for postage outside Australia.

Refunds for hard copy documents incur an administration fee, which will be deducted from your refund (if applicable).

If you wish to request a refund of your order please complete the ‘Graduation refund form’.

Processing and delivery

Hard copy academic transcript/record:

Your order will normally be processed in 21 business days (postage delivery is additional).  DEC transcripts will be put on hold for school assessment, please allow 28 business days for assessment (postage time is additional).

Your document will be sent via either Registered Post (if your postal address is within Australia) or EMS Courier (if your postal address is outside Australia). We will send it to the address you provide when ordering the document and you will need to be present at that address to sign for the delivery.

Personal collection, faxing and emailing is not possible for paper documents.

Electronic academic transcript/record:

Your document will be sent via a secure document email delivery system. Your order will normally be completed and sent via email within 24-48 hours.  DEC electronic transcripts will be put on hold for school assessment, please allow 21 business days for assessment.

If you need your electronic document to be sent directly to an external institution, please enter the name and address of the intended recipient in the appropriate fields when you make your order online (excluding DEC).

How do I order my academic records?

First time users

If this is your first time using the ordering system, you will need to create a user account.

Go to the academic document ordering system (opens in a new window).
Select 'Create Account' on the right side of the screen and enter the required information including your:

  • student ID number *student ID number (if you are a former student and have forgotten your student ID number, please email
  • date of birth
  • last name (family name) – this must be the name you used when you enrolled at the University
  • your first name (given name) – this must be the name you used when you enrolled at the University

    A confirmation email will be sent to your email address once you have registered successfully. Once your account is created you will be able to make orders online and track the status of your orders.

    Placing an order

    Login to the academic document ordering system (opens in a new window) using your account details as per the above.

    • Step 1: Accept the terms and conditions
      You have to accept the terms and conditions before you can place an order.

      Step 2: Select document/s and order details
      Choose which document you want to order by clicking on the document thumbnail or the document description.

      You will then see the 'Order Details' page.
      Read the product summary carefully to make sure you are ordering the right document.

      Depending on the document selected, you will need to enter the details of the order including your address, recipient details and course details.

      Click the 'Continue' button when you have finished.

      Step 3: provide consent
      This is where you consent to the release of your information. Please read the information carefully.

      Step 4: payment
      You can review your billing details and change them if necessary. Once they're correct, click 'Next'.

      Step 5: Review order and finalise
      The 'Review Order' page will ask you to confirm the details of your order. This is the last chance you have to review your order before making payment, so check all the details carefully.

      Once you've confirmed your order is correct, you will automatically be taken to Onestop. This is where you enter your credit card details and finalise your payment.

      Please take note of your order number, which will display once the order has been processed.