International SOS

International SOS (ISOS) serves as the primary contact for medical or emergency assistance during your travels. For students and staff traveling abroad for university-approved purposes, ISOS is the designated Emergency Service Provider. ISOS offers round-the-clock expert guidance and support before your journey, during your time overseas, and in case of emergencies.

ISOS services include, but are not limited to:

Medical ServicesSecurity Services
  • Pre-trip information on travel health issues
  • Emergency and routine medical advice
  • Medical and dental referrals
  • Inpatient admission and identification of receiving physician
  • Outpatient referrals for minor medical incidents
  • Coordination with your insurance provider and claims assistance
  • Coordination of communication to loved ones in the event of an incident
  • Security and travel information on 850 cities and 239 countries
  • Immediate help and advice from security experts by phone or chat during a security incident
  • Timely email alerts and push notifications with advice and guidance in response to significant travel security incidents and local security developments
  • Coordination of debrief and counselling following a security incident
  • Coordination of communication to loved ones in the event of an incident
  • Additional Services
  • Translations and interpreters available as needed
  • Support and advise in the event of lost documentation

Before Going Overseas

Prior to international travel, travellers are encouraged to download the ISOS App and utilise the QR code provided below:

Once downloaded, ensure the Location and Notification Settings are turned on. The App can be used for:

  • Easy access to the local Assistance Centre, in an emergency and for everyday advice.
  • Expert medical, security and travel assistance.
  • Receive the latest information about your destination.

What to Do in an Emergency (24/7)


In case of an emergency, launch the ISOS App on your mobile device and locate and tap on the option to contact the Assistance Centre. This is your direct link to expert assistance in an emergency.


Contact the ISOS Assistance Centre in the host location (click below):

The Western Sydney University ISOS membership number is 12AGDA915576.

Find out More about the Host Location

To find out more about travelling to a host country, login to International SOS (membership number is 12AGDA915576).

More Information