Guidelines for Developing Learning Abroad Programs

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Welcome to the Guidelines for Learning Abroad Programs (for staff). This site provides Western staff with essential insights and practical directions in developing and managing impactful learning abroad experiences for students. Whether you're an experienced project leader or new to the realm of international education, these guidelines will serve as a valuable resource to ensure the successful planning, implementation, and evaluation of enriching overseas programs. We invite you to explore the following sections to embark on a journey towards creating transformative educational experiences for our students.

  1. Initial Planning – Areas of Consideration
  2. Submitting a Project Proposal
  3. Marketing and Recruitment
  4. Booking Travel
  5. Pre-departure and Orientation
  6. Arrive Overseas
  7. Evaluation and Assessment


In order to facilitate a Learning Abroad opportunity for students, endorsement is required from relevant delegates, including the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research, Enterprise and International), as well as the Vice Chancellor and President. Initiating the procedural steps approximately 6 to 12 months prior to departure is recommended, with ultimate approval to be secured no later than 100 working days before the scheduled departure.

WSI will not support study tours that are not within the timeframe and a recommendation will made to postpone or cancel the project.

NOTE: 100 working days is approximately 20 weeks or 5 months prior to departure.

General Roles and Responsibilities

For any project, establishing well-defined responsibilities among all stakeholders is crucial for achieving success. In the case of learning abroad programs, project leaders assume the responsibility of day-to-day project management, whereas Western Sydney International holds the accountability for program oversight and evaluation to ensure alignment with university standards and policies. By clarifying these different responsibilities, we can ensure a smooth and successful implementation.