Go Global News, Student Edition (July 2022)

Welcome to the July edition of the Go Global News. Here you will find information about learning abroad, upcoming events, and helpful tips. Important: prestigious grants are currently available for students to participate in.

Important: Special grants are currently available for students to participate in numerous international experiences before the end of the year - don’t miss out!


Don't miss out on a Go Global Grant!

New Colombo Plan Internships in Taiwan and Vietnam

Go Global Program of Interest to Indigenous Students

Exchange Partner of the Month: University of Graz

Excelia Winter Programmes

Drop-in Go Global Advising Sessions

Don't miss out on a Go Global Grant!

Although international travel has been suspended, you can still experience the benefits of Learning Abroad during 2021.  For the remainder of 2021, Western Sydney University will cover the program cost for Online Global Experiences* - don't miss out!

Name of ProgramProgram TypeProgram FeeGo Global Grant
Saint Mary's UniversityExchangeExchange$3,000
Aarhus UniversityExchangeExchange$3,000
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST)ExchangeExchange$3,000

New Colombo Plan Internships in Taiwan and Vietnam

In-country experiences have officially returned!

If you’re interested in doing an internship in Vietnam, then this is the program for you. Pagoda are delighted to be working with Western Sydney University to offer in-person New Colombo Plan (NCP) opportunities in 2022. Students taking part have the option of a 6-8 week internship programme in Vietnam.  Internships are available across a variety of sectors, and you will receive full support from the Pagoda team for these programmes.

Programmes will begin on 28 November (8 weeks) or 12 December (6 weeks), and you are welcome to arrive and begin using your accommodation up to 3 days prior to your chosen programme commencing. All students will receive ten hours of group language classes and select activities and events delivered by Pagoda's University and Industry Partners in our host locations.

If you are an undergraduate Australian citizen, the cost of this program can be offset by a $3,000 Australian Government New Colombo Plan and OS-HELP up to $8,295 (conditions apply).  To find out more, select from one of the following:

NCP Internships in Taipei in Taiwan

NCP Internships in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

General information Session

Find out more by attending the online information session about the internships on the 4 August. To participate register via the following link: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vi1Sx1h_RJmHhOazjFM5iQ

Go Global Program of Interest to Indigenous Students

Buoris Norway

Norway is home to the Sámi people who live on the land they call Sámpi. Sámi culture has had a significant impact on the culture of Norway, from influencing cooking and culture to the very language and lifestyle associated with Norway. The Sámi are the indigenous people of the northernmost regions of the European continent, who migrated over from the Volga River.

Like First Nation Australians, the Sámi have passed down their history and culture to their people in spite of assimilationist efforts by the state. Today the Sámi are still actively working to practice and share their culture on their own terms.

Norway is a great place to visit to learn how the Sámi are preserving culture and traditions, and a great way to meet other Sámi who may be facing similar challenges in life.

Grants and Scholarships are available to financially support your Go Global experiences and you can talk to an Indigenous Go Global Advisor to discuss your interests and future plans. ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Contact the Go Global team by submitting an enquiry or booking an individual advising session.

For more information about Go Global programs available in Norway, and how to apply you can visit the Go Global Portal and check out the Semester Exchange options at Nord University.

Exchange Partner of the Month: University of Graz

Karl-Franzens Universität Graz, or simply Uni Graz is one of the oldest and most acclaimed universities of Austria. Situated in the southern Austrian state of Stryia, the university has a rich history from as far back as the 1500s, and finds its home in the city of Graz, which dates back even further.

The University of Graz was founded in 1585 and is a top choice for students from all over, especially for students coming from Central and Eastern Europe. Uni Graz is known for its faculty of Arts Humanities and Natural Science, but also offers programs across a range of areas.

Graz is a fantastic location for students wanting to complete part of their degree overseas, while also having the added benefit being near multiple European cities like Ljubljana and Vienna. The city itself also has one of the most well-preserved city centres in the world, and takes significant influence from its proximity to Slovenia

For more information about this Go Global program, and how to apply, you can visit the Go Global brochure University of Graz. Contact the Go Global team by submitting an enquiry or booking an individual advising session.

Short Programs in France!

Excelia Academy are running two great short-term programs for students during your university summer break!

Excelia are now inviting students to apply for their Winter School programs. They have designed two courses to help students develop an international outlook and to learn the necessary skills and competencies in order to acquire an expert understanding of business and management. These courses are:

  • International Supply Chain Management & Strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Issues

Both courses are taught in English, and will include cultural excursions, company visits, a chance to discover different business models, and to even meet entrepreneurs.

Best of all, Excelia will be offering these courses on an exchange basis. This means that you’ll stay enrolled at Western and continue to pay fees as per normal to Western Sydney University. So, you won’t need to stress over program fees! This opportunity is available to both domestic and international students.

For more information about Go Global programs available at Excelia contact the Go Global team by submitting an enquiry or booking an individual advising session.

Drop-in Advising Sessions available now!

Go Global are again offering weekly Drop-in Advising Sessions for students! If you can’t find the right time to schedule for a full advising session or just need a quick chat, then these are the ideal sessions for you. You can access the drop-in Zoom session every Friday between 4:30-5:00pm, with no booking is required. The session is run by one of our Go Global team members, who can answer any questions you might have about any Go Global opportunities you might be interested in. To access the drop-in advising session, just follow the link here.