October 2021 (Student Edition)

Online Global Experiences

Although international travel has been suspended, you can still experience the benefits of Learning Abroad during 2021.  For the remainder of 2021, Western Sydney University will cover the program cost for Online Global Experiences* - don't miss out!

Name of ProgramCostGo Global Grant
HEX ED Program $490 Yes
Internship in Fiji  $900 Yes
Summer Internships worldwide $2,400 Yes
The Great Global Challenge $1,000 Yes
Virtual Internships across the World  $2,299 Yes

*Note: some providers may charge a small non-refundable administration fee.

New Colombo Plan mobility grants

The New Colombo Plan Mobility Program (NCP) provides funding to Australian universities and consortia to support Australian undergraduate students to participate in semester-based or short-term study, internships, mentorships, practicums and research in 40 host locations across the Indo-Pacific region. Become part of the growing number of students that have received a prestigious NCP Mobility Grant and connect with leaders in government, business and civil society in the region.

Prestigious NCP grants are now available for undergraduate Australian citizens to participate in the following online experiences (conditions apply).

Name of Program


NCP Grant

Internships in China (Pagoda Projects)



Internship in Taiwan, Vietnam or China (Pagoda Projects)

$2,250 $2,250*

Engineering Start-ups in Singapore



Public Health Study Tour in Indonesia

$2,500 $2,500*

Pacific Worlds at The University of The South Pacific in Fiji (ISEP Direct)


*Note: If you are an international student, permanent resident or you do not meet the eligibility for an NCP Grant, you may be able to participate and be offered a Go Global Grant instead.

Remote internships in Taiwan, Vietnam, or China

It is not too late to take advantage of a unique, fully-funded opportunity to gain some real work experience and broaden your cultural horizons this summer with an international company based in China, Taiwan or Vietnam. Choose flexible part-time or full-time placements ranging from 4 to 12 weeks in your field of study. Learn in-demand technical & soft skills while improving your intercultural fluency, employability, and career prospects. Pagoda will work with you to find the most suitable placement, and you can view our current opportunities by visiting our program website.

In addition to your internship, you'll receive 10 hours of group Mandarin Chinese language classes (for Internship in China), your own Cultural Mentor, access to our online courses, weekly live events, and network-building through our exclusive app!

"It is a wonderful addition to my resume. Employers highly value international experience and the ability to work well across cultures/countries." - Atoufa, WSU student.

Pagoda Projects programs below are fully funded by the New Colombo Plan grant for eligible students or Go Global grants for all other eligible students. Grants up to AUD $2,250 are available.

Application deadline coming soon, apply now!

Internships in Taiwan, Vietnam and China

Internship in China: 360 Degree view of China

Choose to complete a remote internship in Taiwan, Vietnam or China. Click her to apply and find out more!

Remote internship with a China-based international companies. Click here to apply and find out more!

International Start-up Projects in Hong Kong

The School of Business has an exciting announcement to make: there is a new credit-bearing Online Global Learning Program opportunity for you, which allows you to earn academic credit for an assessment task in unit 200621 in your International Human Resource Management course.
The Online Global Learning Program is called 'Developing Competitive International Start-up Projects in Hong Kong' and the best part is: the program cost is fully covered by the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant Scheme for eligible students.

The Online Global Learning Program is led by the provider People & Friends and will take place via zoom from 9th - 21st January 2022. It features a virtual journey to Hong Kong to meet managers from large international companies and start-ups as well as an online lecture on International Human Resources Management held by a local professor from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In addition, you become short-term entrepreneurial consultants when working on your own Start-up Challenge Projects (real challenges provided by real start-ups) and discover the Hong Kong culture in Virtual Reality.
Register until 30th November 2021 via the WSU Go Global Portal to secure your seat!

Go Global Program of Interest to Indigenous Students

Bula Fiji

Experience the beautiful Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, lived on by the iTaukei people, who have lived in Fiji for approximately 3,500 years.

Similar to Indigenous Australians, the iTaukei women learn how to weave mats and baskets from a very young age, these are often passed on as gifts, whilst the man learns how to carve spears, clubs and other hunting tools, which were also used by Indigenous Australians. This is an opportunity to glimpse what life was like for Indigenous people in Australia before European settlement.

Fiji is an excellent location for Indigenous students looking to study and travel but do not wish to be too far from home. Sydney to Nadi is just a short four-hour flight.

Grants and Scholarships are available to financially support your Go Global experiences and you can talk to an Indigenous Go Global Advisor to discuss your interests and future plans. You are encouraged to book your individual session on Thursday afternoons.

GoGlobal is also offering Online Internship (with Think Pacific). The internship is flexible, and you can choose between a timeframe of 4 weeks or 8 weeks. Indigenous Students will gain invaluable experience and impressive references for your CV when applying for future jobs. Do not miss out, apply today.

Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship

Up to two semesters in Asia. One experience of a lifetime. That's the promise of the Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship, valued up to $12,250.

There are 3 components of the program, the first being a week-long Leadership Development Program in Singapore before you take off on official exchange studies in one of 6 places. Choose any of our partner Universities from mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan. The final component is lifelong membership to the Westpac 100 Scholars Network, giving you access to be a part of a network of one of Australia's most diversified like-minded students.

Register for the Info session HERE
To find further information, see the eligibility requirements and to submit your application, visit the Go Global Portal.

Partner of the Month: Hanyang University in South Korea

Hanyang University is a private university that offers around 1,000 courses in English per year over various departments. HU offers such a diverse offering in English that it attracts many international students from all over the world.  Add that it is located in South Korea's capital city, Seoul, a thriving metropolis of over 9.7 million people, it is definitely a destination for students looking to have an exciting, and fulfilling, cultural immersion.  
Even without the popularity of K-Pop and K-Drama, Seoul itself stands on its own two feet as a vibrant city with advanced technology, amazing food and, considering that the capital has been in the same place since the 14th century, its well-preserved historical monuments, architecture, and rich heritage.

You are strongly encouraged to consider South Korea and Hanyang University as an excellent option for your exchange program!
Please check the program brochure: Semester Exchange at Hanyang University in South Korea.  For more information about Hanyang University, please contact a member of the Go Global team via email goglobal@westernsydney.edu.au

Pacific Worlds at the University of The South Pacific in Fiji (ISEP Direct)

This interdisciplinary online course aims to develop Pacific consciousness and sustainability thinking. It explores the central question of ˜What does it mean to be a Pacific Islander or citizen of Oceania today and in the future?" and allows students to share and explore their perspectives and opinions on this question. This course introduces students to the places, histories, cultures, arts, and politics of Oceania. Specific issues include migration patterns; colonial and post-colonial contexts; Pacific understandings of cultural and natural heritage and conflict over natural resources. A unique aspect of this course is the use of a contextual pedagogy that applies Pacific navigational concepts through the use of a "Vaka", or canoe, model. Navigating through specific issues and contexts related to Pacific histories, current realities and future aspirations of the region, students will develop self and collective awareness, demonstrate teamwork, and engage in critical and creative thinking.

Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility grants of $2140 are available for 5 eligible students!
For more information, please visit the program brochure.

January in Auckland, New Zealand

CISaustralia is accepting applications for the January in Auckland, New Zealand study abroad program! Spend 6 weeks studying 1-2 courses in the heart of Auckland at New Zealand's top university " the University of Auckland“ also ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide. Choose from a wide range of courses in the Arts, Business, Education, Humanities, Languages, Law, Sciences, Social Sciences and more. Participants will have access to a comprehensive program of co-curricular social and cultural activities. Accommodation is in the largest fully-catered residence hall in NZ where each student will have their own bedroom and enjoy communal living facilities. Note: Per the CISaustralia COVID-19 Refund Policy, students will be eligible to receive a full refund of all CISaustralia program fees paid up to and including the day of departure should CISaustralia be forced to cancel or suspend the program due to COVID-19.

Expression of interest to participate is currently open for Western Sydney University students.
For more information, please visit the program brochure.