The Inside Story: Gastroparesis Support Group was created to provide a platform for patients and supports to connect and share their experiences. Our partners, Gastroparesis Australia, offers resources and information for new patients. Some of our gastroparesis advocates have written their experiences and would like to share their stories with the world:

  • Ashley (Sydney) was diagnosed with idiopathic gastroparesis at 25 years old after recovering from the flue. She is one of our most devoted advocates for gastroparesis awareness. Despite the difficult journey ahead Ashley remains optimistic and hopeful. You can read her story here.
  • Anneliese (Sydney) suffers from diabetic gastroparesis. She endured a series of diagnostic tests and unsuccessful treatments before having a nasojejunal feeding tube implanted. The disease is putting an enormous mental strain on herself and her family. Anneliese founded Gastroparesis Australia and strives to increase awareness and provide information for suffers and carers. You can read her story here.
  • Emily (Devonport) first experienced symptoms at 13 but due to the difficulties of identifying gastroparesis, she was not diagnosed until three years later. Although Emily lives a healthy and active lifestyle the symptoms of gastroparesis can completely immobilise her on some days. Emily is an acting gastroparesis advocate at Devonport Rotary Club and is helping raise much needed funds for gastroparesis research. You can read her story here.
  • Dennis (Devonport) is the father to Jacinda, who was diagnosed with gastroparesis in 2015. It has been difficult for Dennis to watch his daughter suffer with the disease but he has made it his family's mission to one day find a cure. Dennis organises local fundraisers and does everything he can to help Devonport Rotary Club and Western Sydney University raise funds for gastroparesis awarenss and research. You can read his story here.

The Gut Motility Disorders Unit has grown to incorporate community engagement and promotion of gut motility disorders as core themes. We aim to create engagement strategies to connect to patients and their families as well as disseminate to the broader community relevant information about gastrointestinal motility and functional disorders.

Local advocacy organisation Mark Grundy Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Group In. have been big supporter of our research into oesophageal adenocarcinoma. They have funded several PhD Scholarships to help produce passionate young researchers from Western Sydney.

It is important to acknowledge that our clinical, research and engagement efforts would not be possible without the strong philanthropy that we have received from the community. Our collaborative work with Gastroparesis Australia and Rotary Club Australia/Devonport Rotary Club is helping raise the funds require to continue our GI Motility research. Our patient advocates and nationwide support groups work tirelessly to promote gastroparesis awareness and research.

Your contribute will help fund essential basic science and translational research into gastrointestinal disorders. You will help train the next generation of young scientists and health professionals.

You are able to contribute to this effort by donating online by selecting the GI Motility Research Fund from the 'I would like to support' options. Alternatively you are able to download, complete and return the GI Motility Research Donation Form. All donations are 100% tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.


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