Procurement forms and templates

The Office of Strategy, Business Development and Procurement have gone digital.

Staff can request Procurement services within the WesternNow Portal.

Services Procurement offer include;

  • Creating or amending your Stationery Account – COS services
  • Creating or amending a Supplier’s Details – you can request changes to active and inactive suppliers including Bank Account, ABN, name etc…
  • Procurement Process – Submit Procurement Plan’s and create Purchase Orders- refer to the Procurement on a Page Knowledge Article for our Policy summary
  • Asset updates – Make changes to the records Procurement keeps on your assets for example amending the owner
  • Request for software deployment – Obtain assistance with software deployments
  • Disposing of a non-leased asset - covers all IT Categories that have been purchased outright
  • Request a PO Contract Variation – Make changes to existing Purchase Orders and/or Contracts
  • Request to cancel a Purchase Order – Cancel or close an existing Purchase Order
  • General Procurement Enquiries – Contact us for any general enquiries or questions

Need further assistance?

Guides on how to use our forms and how to follow our policies are detailed within the WesternNow Knowledge Articles including but not limited to

How to locate our Knowledge Articles - Follow the below steps

  1. Log onto WesternNow
  2. Search Browse (right corner)
  3. Select Knowledge
  4. Search Procurement and you will see the following Knowledge Articles
    1. How to raise a Purchase and Service Requisition (PSR)
    2. What is the difference between a Purchase and Service Requisition (PSR) and a Purchase Order (PO)?
    3. Procurement on a Page Guidelines
    4. How to complete a Procurement Plan

If you have any questions, please raise a General Enquiry Procurement form via WesternNow