Carbon Neutrality

In line with our global pledge 'Race to Zero' (opens in a new window), Western is working towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2023 with a goal of becoming Climate Active (opens in a new window) accredited by July 2022.

Steps towards carbon neutrality are underway, requiring estimates of our carbon footprint including emissions from Scopes 1, 2 and 3. Western also aims for a future climate positive state.

Climate Active Boundary

What is our carbon footprint?

For our carbon neutrality stakeholder engagement workshops, AM Creative Inc. granted exclusive and royalty-free license to use their edited version of the video, "Carbon Footprint". The video provides a basic overview of the meaning of carbon footprint, and describes how buying carbon offsets are a way to fund renewables, while we transition away from fossil fuels.

Copyrights of the “carbon footprint” video, thumbnails and illustrations are and shall remain vested in AM Creative Inc. who grants Western Sydney University a worldwide, exclusive and royalty-free license to use the edited version of the video created for Western Sydney University.