Qianwen (Renee) Deng

Renee Deng


Qianwen (Renee) Deng

Honorifics (mr/mrs/pr/rev/sr/br/fr/dr/?)


Suffix (qualifications/etc)

PhD candidate

Religion / spirituality

Christianity (Pentecostal)

Religious affiliation/community

Hillsong Church Hills Chinese Service


Parramatta City Campus

Availability (days/times/if applicable)


Contact details (whatever applicable)

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Email: qianwen.deng@westernsydney.edu.au

Services provided

- Pastoral care

- Personal support

- Events

- Worship services

- Religious orientation or information

- Study groups / discussion groups

- Networks

Particular Focus in Chaplaincy

Being a chaplain, I particularly focus on providing support and encouragement as a friend and a listener to the ethnically and linguistically Chinese students and staff, whether they are Australian Chinese, diaspora Chinese of from China.

I believe in loving people at where they are and accept them as who they are. Through my work as a Chaplain, I want to gather people and build a community in which we walk together and do life together.

Favorite … (film or food or music or sport or ?)

Love coffee and Asian food

Wisdom saying (e.g. quote or sacred text)

Love never fails. - 1 Corinthians 13:8