Milad Milani

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Milad Milani

Honorifics (mr/mrs/pr/rev/sr/br/fr/dr/?)


Suffix (qualifications/etc)

Doctor of Philosophy (USYD)

Senior Lecturer (WSU)

Religion / spirituality


Religious affiliation/community

Non-denominational Spiritual Care


I am based at Parramatta South Campus

Office: EQ.1.46

Availability (days/times/if applicable)

I keep regular office hours Monday to Friday. Please call or email if you don’t catch me in my office and I’ll be happy to make a time to see you.

Contact details (whatever applicable)

Please indicate if there is a preferred means of contact.

02 9685 9428

Particular Interests

Fostering spiritual well-being, regardless of faith or non-faith background.

Services provided

I am here for personal support, or just to lend an ear.

I also facilitate the Discussion Group on Religion and run evening Meditation (both are regular weekly).

Get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

Particular Focus in Chaplaincy

(Describe how you understand your work as a Chaplain)

I am full-time member of academic staff with the School of Humanities and Communication Arts and volunteer Chaplain.

I see my role as a Chaplain in helping students navigate their own journey. My method of providing spiritual care involves, first and foremost, being a human point of contact for those who need it; to never prescribe my own points of view, but rather help students find their own meaning through their own struggles and successes and within their own structure of belief, or non-belief. What I see is that people have the same spiritual needs despite their (non-)religious background, though not in spite of it. My hope is to be able to provide a service to students and staff who might be seeking spiritual understanding not always within conventional boundaries.

Other info you would like to share

E.g. personal or other interests

Reading, writing, poetry, art, walking, archery, horse riding

Favorite … (film or food or music or sport or ?)

The Count of Monte Cristo (directed by Kevin Reynolds)

World cuisine made from the heart

Jazz, Reggae, Classical, and generally world music that moves your soul

Tennis, Football (round ball)

Wisdom saying (e.g. quote or sacred text)

For me there is only the travelling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly.

– Don Juan (from, The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda)

Anything else

I have three beautiful children for whom I am grateful. Blissfully wedded to Natasha.