Akāliko Bhikkhu

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Akāliko Bhikkhu

Honorifics (mr/mrs/pr/rev/sr/br/fr/dr/?)

Bhante/ Venerable

Suffix (qualifications/etc)


Religion / spirituality


Religious affiliation/community

Theravada Forest Tradition


Parramatta South and Parramatta City

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Particular Interests

I’m interested in promoting equality, inclusion, and diversity in all areas of life, including spirituality. This includes creating connections with diverse communities, and advocacy to help remove existing barriers to social and spiritual participation, especially for: women; trans*, non-binary, and gender diverse people; same-sex attracted people; people with disabilities; and people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

Services provided

- Spiritual care

- Personal support

- Inter-faith events

- Networks

- Study groups / discussion groups

- Meditation and mindfulness

- Forums and conferences

- Ceremonies and celebrations

- Hospital and hospice visits

- Funeral services

- Religious orientation or information

Particular Focus in Chaplaincy

Spiritual Care means to be deeply present with someone; to listen to their concerns and witness their experience, whilst supporting them to navigate their own spiritual journey.

As a Buddhist monk, I am delighted to make connections with the diverse UWS Buddhist communities and help support their practice. As a multi-faith chaplain, I am very happy to be available for all students and staff—whatever faith affinity or background—to be of service in whatever way is needed.

Other info you would like to share

My pronouns are he/him/his. I am an out and proud cis queer man with experience as an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community.

To those people on campus struggling with their sexuality or gender identity, I want you to know that you are loved unconditionally, that you are accepted and valued for who you are. I welcome any LGBTQIA+ people—regardless of faith or background—to discuss issues of coming out, transition, self-acceptance, discrimination, access to peer networks, and more, in a safe, confidential space.

Favorite … (film or food or music or sport or ?)


Wisdom saying (e.g. quote or sacred text)

“They meditate spreading a heart full of love… above, below, across, everywhere, all around, they spread a heart full of love to the whole world—abundant, expansive, limitless, free of enmity and ill will.” The Buddha

“All is full of love.” Bjӧrk

“All you need is love.” the Beatles