Results FAQs

Results questions

How will I receive my results?

Results are sent by email and are also available in My Student Records (MySR).(opens in a new window)

When will I receive my results?

Results are usually released one to two weeks after the final exams for the session.

You can check for upcoming results release dates at

Why can't I see my results?

Please check throughout the day as you may not receive your results email until the afternoon/evening. If you have a hold on your student record, you will not see your results in your email or in MySR.

If a hold was placed on your record, an email notification would have automatically been sent to your Western Sydney University student email account which includes instruction on how to have the hold lifted.

Results for previous study sessions will not be displayed in your email or on your results page in MySR. To see previous term's results in MySR go to:

  • Program and Subject details (listed under the 'Program Details' heading)
  • Click on 'show details' under the program code you want to see results for
  • Then click on the projects for the program

I didn't receive my results email. What does this mean?

If you didn't receive your results email, there may have been a technical problem with the system. Continue to monitor your emails for advice, and your results should also be available in MySR. If your results are not available in MySR please complete an Exams, Grades and Results Enquiry in WesternNow.

There is a comment in place of my final grade. What does that mean?

For a complete list of Results Comments and their meaning, please refer to the following  Knowledge Article KB0018858.

For a full list of grades, please view the Results webpage.

If I am not happy with my results, what can I do?

Firstly speak to your Subject Coordinator. If you are unable to resolve the matter you can apply for a Review of Grade. All Review of Grade applications are made through Student Forms.

You should read the Review of Grade information before submitting your application.

I have failed my subject by only a few marks, is there anything I can do?

If you have failed a subject by a small margin you may be eligible for a Supplementary assessment. Please read the Assessment Policy (Section 4 Procedures) to see if you are eligible to apply. More information is available on the Supplementary Assessments FAQ web page.

For students studying in Quarter 2 you will need to apply in writing to your Subject Coordinator within 5 days of the official results release.

Sydney City campus Session 1 and Quarter 2 students, you will need to apply in writing to your Program Convenor within 5 days of the official results release.

For students studying in Autumn or 1H students will need to complete the WesternNow Supplementary Assessment Request Form within 5 days of the official result release date to apply.

Why has my GPA dropped?

GPAs are calculated over the duration of your enrolment involving a specific calculation. This calculation uses the number of subjects, grades achieved and subject credit points. For example, if you have done poorly in a subject carrying more than 10 credit points, it will have a greater impact on your GPA than a subject of only 10 credit points.

You can use the GPA calculator to check your GPA.

How is my GPA calculated?

GPA = the sum of (credit points for the same specific subject x grade points for the specific subject)/total number of credit points attempted.  You can use the GPA calculator to determine your current or future GPA. *Note: Your GPA is not included in your results email and will update overnight in MYSR after the results email is sent.

Please note that The College Foundation students are unable to use the calculator as they have a different grading schema.

Please view the Graduation Policy for more GPA information.

I am experiencing difficulties accessing my results on MySR

Please check your student email account to view your results email or refresh MySR. If your results are not displaying MySR may be experiencing a temporary load issue.

The most common problem students have is that pop-up blockers are preventing MySR from working properly - you might click on MySR and nothing happens. You will find instructions for disabling many common pop-up blockers on the MySR help page.

You may not be able to see your results if you have an hold on your record.

If you have any other issues when using MySR, please call the Student Services Hub on 1300 668 370 or email

I have failed one (or more) subjects. Can I register for next term? How do I register?

Provided you have not failed a progression rule, you will be able to register if the subject is offered in the next term. You must meet any pre-requisites and/or co-requisites needed for the subject.

If you are eligible to register, please do so through MySR. However, you should meet with your Director of Academic Program or Academic Program Advisor to discuss your program progression and seek advice regarding your studies. If you are required or choose to repeat a subject that you have already studied, the fee attached to that subject will be reapplied and you will need to pay as you normally would with any subject of study even if you paid it when you first studied that subject.

Your grades and GPA will carefully be checked against all progression rules after the results release date. If you do not meet progression rules or are 'at risk' you will receive an email to your student email account with further instructions in the days following results release. Progression emails will be sent following results release.

For more information go to the Progression webpage.

The University runs programs to develop students' academic literacy, mathematics and study skills which are listed on the Workshops webpage.

I have already registered for next term, however one of my subjects now says INVALID. What does that mean?

  • You have most likely failed a pre-requisite or co-requisite that is required to be completed before registration in this subject, or
  • You may have already achieved or have exceeded the maximum allowable credit points at level Z (unspecified transfer credit), or levels 1 and/or 2.

All the subjects I am enrolled in for the next term have been cancelled or discontinued. Why?

You may have failed a progression rule and you should monitor your student email for advice on your progression. Progression emails will be sent in the days following results release.

If you still have questions, please call the Student Services Hub on 1300 668 370 or email

I have received a progression email. What do I do now?

Your progression email will state whether you are 'At Risk', on 'Conditional Enrolment' or if you have been 'Excluded'. The email also contains detailed instructions regarding the next steps to take.

For more information refer to the Progression webpage.

What do I need to do to complete my program?

Program Progress is the term we use to refer to the things you need to do to complete your program (degree) at Western Sydney University. Depending on which program you're studying, you will need to meet some or all of the following requirements:

  • A set number of credit points
  • A specific subject or subjects
  • A particular major or majors
  • Special requirements
  • Professional accreditation

Log in to MySR,(opens in a new window) click on 'Check My Program Progress' under 'Program Details' in the left hand menu.

For more information refer to the Check My Program Progress How to Guide.