Online Exam Proctoring - FAQ

Who should I contact for support?

Proctor U (Technical Issues during exams)- ProctorU exam supervisors can assist with any technical issue you may experience with your webcam, audio and your connection to your exam session.  If your internet connection is interrupted, they will attempt to contact you immediately via the phone number you provided in your ProctorU profile to help you reconnect.

You can also log back into ProctorU as soon as your internet connection is restored and click on the web chat facility (found at the bottom right of your screen) for assistance to re-establish your exam session. Your vUWS test will be resumed if you click your Exam link in the vUWS Exam folder.

ProctorU support is 24x7 and you can utilise their chat functionality or call 1800 957 152 (In Australia) for any issues with technology or proctoring. You can refer to the Proctor U Resource Center for more information including video demo.

WSU Technology-related issues (vUWS)-If you have not been able to resolve any technical issues, please contact Western Sydney IT Service Desk on (02) 9852 5111 or email

Exam general issues or questions- Should you have any questions about sitting your exam online, please email the Examinations team via for assistance.

In rare cases, when you are unable to submit a word version document of the exam via Turnitin or Blackboard Assignment tool, please email your exam file at the exam submission time to your unit coordinator with a screenshot of the issue.

What is Online Proctoring?

‘Proctoring’ is another word for exam supervision. Western Sydney University is working with ProctorU to provide this service to our students for exams scheduled to be held in 2020. ProctorU is a live online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam in your own space at home. There are two ways your exam may take place.  Live+ means a real person will supervise your exam in real time via your webcam.  Review+ means you and your screen will be recorded and reviewed by Proctor U after the exam session. To view how it works go to

What is the difference between Live+ and Review+ online exams?


Your exam will run in vUWS with ProctorU.  This involves a human supervisor launching and supervising your exam throughout.  You won't be able to see the supervisor but you can contact them at any time using the chat option.  You will be asked to do a room check which involves you moving your webcam around the room to show the supervisor your space.  You will need a Computer or Laptop with a web cam and microphone, as well as stable internet.  You can check the technical requirements on the Proctor U Website.

You will need to schedule your Live+ exam ahead of time.  For detailed instructions on how to create your ProctorU account and schedule your session please use the Live+ Guide.


Your exam will be run in vUWS with ProctorU.  This uses an AI software to launch and monitor the exam.  There is no live monitoring during the exam but a supervisor will review the recording after and any flags raised by the AI software.  The AI will check your environment in the room.  You may be asked to show a full view of your room including your desk and any allowed exam resources such as blank paper.  You will need a Computer or Laptop with a web cam and microphone, as well as stable internet.  You can check the technical requirements on the Proctor U Website.

For detailed instructions on how to create your ProctorU profile and get ready for your Review+ exam please use the Review+ Guide.

What is required for my online exam?

You will require the following elements to sit your online exam;

  1. Technology

    You will require the following technology to undertake your online exam -

    • Laptop/PC
      • Unsupported techology includes the following -
      • Google Chromebooks
      • Android tablets (Nexus 7, etc)
      • iOS tablets (iPad, iPad mini, etc)
      • Linux operating systems
      • Microsoft Windows 10 in S mode
      • Microsoft Surface RT
    • Webcam
    • Speakers (usually built into your computer- Headphones are not allowed)
      Microphone (often this is built into the webcam)
    • Reliable internet connection (You need to check that your internet connection and computer can sustain an online exam as well as download required software)
      • Minimum Download Speed of 0.768 Mbps (recommended 1.5 Mbps)
      • Minimum Upload Speed of 0.384 Mbps (recommended 1 Mbps)
      • You can check your computer setup and internet bandwidth here
      • We recommend that you test your internet speed at the same time of day that you are planning to sit your exam, as it can vary.
      • Plan to use a wired connection as wireless connections can be a little less reliable
      • Also, be aware that if you have an internet access plan where your speed slows once you consume your monthly quota, this may create issues for you.  You should speak to your internet service provider if you think this may be an issue for you.
      • To ensure your internet connection is not interrupted or slowed, ask other people in your house not to watch Netflix or download large files while you are sitting your exam.
    • Test your equipment & download ProctorU Chrome Extension (Once you have registered an account you need to test your equipment on your profile page or go to

    More information regarding testing your equipment can be found on the Exam Readiness Guide

    Troubleshooting tips can be found on the ProctorU website.

    Dual Monitors are NOT allowed in the exam

    Work-loaned laptop – If you are utilising a work laptop or shared you must have administrator rights or you won’t be able to undertake your online exam. Additionally, there may be firewalls on your work laptop that won’t allow you to access the online exam.

  2. MacOS X/Catalina Users - IMPORTANT

    It is a minimum requirement for MAC users to have an operating system of MAC OS x 10.5 or higher.  MAC OS x 10.13 High Sierra is recommended.

    You are required to complete an additional step. Information regarding this extra step can be found here:

  3. Exam Space

    Room Requirements
    You need to be in a well-lit room, with no other people present (including children) and no interruptions.  We suggest that you let your friends and family know that you are sitting your exam and require a private quiet space for the duration. Put a sign on your door asking people to come back later and turn your voicemail on.

    Unless your exam is ‘open book’, your workspace should be free of papers, books and sticky notes and your walls should be clear of any documents or materials which may be relevant to the exam. Remove anything on your desk that is not related to your exam.

    Permitted Resources
    Your unit coordinator will set the ‘permitted resources’ for your exam and the ProctorU exam supervisors will be advised of these, if any.

    If your exam requires written notes or workings to be submitted, you must have plain blank white paper for your exam along with pens/pencil in a clear bag.

    As you will not be able to leave the view of the webcam, you should attend to any pets, arrange for children to be cared for away from your exam space, have a snack, a drink of water and a toilet break before you start your exam.

    Electronic Devices
    Ensure mobile phones, smart watches or other devices are turned off or put away for the duration of the exam. You are not permitted to wear headphones, sunglasses or hats.
  4. Identification

    A valid photo ID is required for your identification to undertake the exam. Western Sydney University student photo ID cards, License or Passport are acceptable forms of ID.

How do I register for my online exam and create a profile?

Live+ -For full details on how to create your ProctorU profile and schedule your session please see the Live+ Exam Guide:

Review+ -You do NOT need to book a session. The exam will run through vUWS and you should read the Review+ Exam guide for all of the information you need to prepare for your exam:

Watch the videos for what to expect on Exam day for Live+ (Live Human Proctored Launch) and Review+ (Automated Proctor Launch):

What happens if I register late?

You do not need to register for Review+ Exams and your exam will launch from vUWS on the day of your exam. Please consult the Review+ guide for more information.

For Live+ exams you need to schedule a session and the exam will only be available for a limited time. The examinations team will advise you by email when you need to schedule your session and the due date. You may not be able to select a session if you leave it too late.  Log into your ProctorU account to check if self-service is still available or access the webchat with ProctorU help desk representatives for assistance.

For further assistance you can also contact the WSU Examinations team

What if I can’t sit my exam online or miss an exam session?

If you cannot sit your exam online due to technical issues or extenuating circumstances, please contact Western Sydney Examinations Team

Why can't I open vUWS?

  1. Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser for vUWS. If you are currently using Internet Explorer 9,10 or 11 please switch to an alternate browser in order to gain the best possible experience while using vUWS. Click on the link for Supported Browsers.
  2. Check you don’t have an ENROL-HOLD encumbrance – due to not providing your residency/citizenship documents.
  3. Check you are currently enrolled in the unit.
  4. Have you been excluded from the University for not meeting progression rules.

What happens on the day of my exam?

For Live+ Exams: Log into your ProctorU account prior to the exam start time where you will see a countdown until the time of your exam.

Click the blue "Start" button and follow the prompts. You will need to download the required software to connect to a proctor (supervisor). It can take 2-20 minutes for you to be connected to a proctor.  Don't worry, your exam won't start until the room check is complete and your supervisor begins the exam.

Once connected the ProctorU exam supervisor will check your ID, and with your permission be able to view your screen and use the mouse and keyboard as if they were sitting next to you. They will check the applications and hardware running on your computer and ask you to move the webcam around your entire workspace to ensure all is in order and direct you to your exam. Once the exam starts, the ProctorU exam supervisor will monitor your screen but can no longer use your mouse or keyboard.

You may be asked to type a passage of text to collect information on your typing style which will be used to authenticate you in later exams.  It is important to note that the time waiting for connection and checking your identity does NOT consume any of your exam time. The exam will be in vUWS, so you will log in to vUWS using your usual Western Sydney University username and password.

Your ProctorU exam supervisor may communicate with you during your exam via the chat box if something has changed and the entire chat is saved, including a record of what actions the proctor took while accessing your computer. They may ask you to re-adjust your webcam if it has moved so that your face can be seen.

Please make sure that you save your work regularly during your exam.

If you are doing a Live+ exam, you will need to alert the ProctorU exam supervisor when you have finished your exam so they can ensure your work is submitted and you are logged out correctly. You can do this via the chat box. To ensure any technical issues are sorted out before your exam, make sure you have checked your hardware and internet connection.

Why can’t I leave the view of the webcam?

Online exams are meant to mirror an exam setting on campus but in your own environment. To ensure academic integrity is retained, it is imperative that you do not leave the view of the webcam as this can be viewed as you attempting to access unauthorised materials during the exam i.e. cheating.  Any absences from the view of the webcam will be reported to the University as an incident for investigation, and will be dealt with under the Student Misconduct Rule. Further information in relation to Student Misconduct can be found on the Student Misconduct Webpage.

What happens if someone tries to cheat during an exam?

Incidents of cheating will be reported, investigated and dealt with under the Student Misconduct Rule.  Measures have ben put in place to ensure academic integrity is maintained during online exams.  Online proctoring services are used to support these measures. Further information in relation to Student Misconduct can be found on the Student Misconduct Webpage.

What if I have a special need or disability?

If you have an Academic Integration Plan with exam adjustments in place, these will be applied to your online exam. More information on Disability Services can be found: or by emailing

For students who have Assistive Technology software listed as an exam adjustment in their Academic Integration Plan, please contact your Disability Advisor to confirm the use of this with Proctor U.

What about my Privacy?

Western Sydney University takes student privacy very seriously and ProctorU are committed to keeping Western Sydney University student data secure during all aspects of the proctoring process.  ProctorU does not use any student's personal information for any reason other than the proctoring of online exams.

The university’s contracted terms of service with ProctorU include assurances that ProctorU maintain a formal security program in accordance with industry standards and which must be able to protect the security and integrity of the services being provided and the information being collected.

For more information please see the following ProctorU Privacy Concerns FAQ

Can I go onto campus to sit my exam?

We do not encourage students to go on campus for their exams in June. There will be no dedicated rooms booked and study halls will be too busy and noisy.

WSU Libraries will still be operating at reduced hours and no exams will be able to be taken at the Library. Please see the following link for more details.

If you do not have the right equipment or internet to sit your exam please first consult your family and friends to see if you can borrow a computer or sit your exam at your friend or family’s home to utilise their internet connection. This is your best option, because it will ensure that you can complete the exam in the usual timeframe and receive your results on time. If you are still unable to secure a space or equipment to sit your exam you should apply for a deferred exam. The deferred exam period is in July and results may not be available until after the start of Spring session. We do not currently have the capacity to organise loan laptops or alternate exam arrangements for the June exam period.

I need Assistive Technology for my exam, how will this work?

Please contact your Disability Advisor or if you have any queries regarding your AIP exam adjustments. Visit to find more information about the support you can access via the Disability Service.

For support in using your assistive technology software in your exams please contact the Assistive Technology Specialists at