Changing classes

All information on changing classes applies to both Western Sydney University and Western Sydney The College students.

Am I eligible to change classes?

You are only eligible to change classes if you meet the following criteria:

  • All available classes full – not able to register
  • The times of my core subjects clash
  • I have an Academic Integration Plan (AIP), which has the specific reasonable adjustment 'Class Pre-registration required' assigned
  • I am responsible for the care of another person (a Carer Verification statement (opens in a new window) is required from the Student Welfare Service)
  • I have Parental responsibilities (must attach a letter from Childcare Centre, School or GP outlining the impact of your caring responsibilities in relation to your timetable.)
  • NOTE: You are considered to have Caring responsibilities and are eligible for a Carer Verification statement if you provide personal care, support and assistance to another individual in need of support due to disability, medical condition (including terminal or chronic illness), mental illness or is frail and aged (as defined by the Carer Recognition Act 2010).

Note: Work commitments are not considered an extenuating circumstance if submitting under the 'core subjects clash' criterion.

These criteria are strict and supporting documents must be supplied as noted on the form. All requests will be assessed by staff within the School that owns the subject.

What if the class I want to register in is full?

You will need to select another class time. If all of the classes in the subject are full you may need to change your enrolment. If you must complete the subject for your program, contact the Subject Coordinator for advice. Some class times are more popular than others so you may not always get your first choice.

How do I request to change classes, if I'm eligible?

Students from both Western Sydney University and The College can submit a Timetable allocation or amendment form via the WesternNow Portal.

Forms submitted without the relevant supporting documentation will not be accepted. Submission of a form is not a guarantee that a change will be approved.

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